Sunday, March 10, 2013

Warchers vs. Doers

I once read an essay titled "Watchers and Doers." The point was that some people watch others, while others perform and succeed.
Society divided into two groups.
In other words, some people sit back and do little, except that which is required to exist, and allow the Doers all the work.

Do we consider ourselves Doers? I do. But am I a Doer all the time? No, not at all. Sometimes I do kick back, pull away, fall out, or stand by...and watch. However, this is only a respite--I have not lost my Doer persona.

As we grow and learn, some humans naturally seek out learning, doing, and succeeding.
Look at some athletes who came from a crime-ridden neighborhood, but when he matured decided on his own to break away and make something of himself.
This sort of scenario happens all the time. I believe some humans are born with a natural attitude of wanting to succeed, and they break away and become successful.
These kinds of people always amaze me. They seem to succeed despite all odds against them. They are natural-born Doers.

If you are like me in any way, you are a Doer. But I wasn't a natural born Doer. I was a little slow getting started, but when the urge did kick in, I desperately wanted to learn new things and succeed in ways I never thought possible.
I did, and I'm not finished yet.

Some days I feel so lazy and weary of writing, editing, promoting. But soon, I've revived and begun once more.

If you need a boost with your Doer persona, here are seven ways to succeed:
  Write about something you care about.
  Take Risks
  Write every day
  Be prepared to work hard
Be persistent
  Let it go.
I am a Doer.
If you're reading this, I bet you are, too.

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  1. I don't know if I'm a doer or not. I run on passion. I have 2 great passions, writing and music. My passion makes me keep going even when faced with great disappointment and set-backs.
    Believe me, I know how to take it easy, just sit on the deck and watch the birds at the feeder and my garden grow. LOL But doing the things I love are not really work. Okay, sometimes it's work when I'm just not feeling it, but I press on even so.
    I liked your list of what to do when the inspiration fails.

  2. I was a slow starter, but now I'm a doer. I was a dreamer for so long I almost missed my chance. Now, it's onward, ever onward.

  3. Along these same lines, Celia, a dear friend pointed out to me that life has "leaners" and "the leaned upon." I think most doers are also the leaned upon, don't you?

  4. I'm definitely a Doer to the extent I can't keep up with everything I start to Do! There's just so much to Do, how can anyone just sit back and watch?

    I agree with Linda: the Doers are the Leaned Upon, sadly.

  5. Sarah--I think a Doer means you do not depend on someone else to take care of you, to provide money for food, to help you pay your rent--that sort of thing. At least, this is one big category of Watchers.

    Watchers, in my, opinion, also are people who see after themselves pretty much all the time. I know a woman who does nothing except play bridge, go on cruises,and read. She pays someone to clean her house, and while there, that person prepares lunch for her and her husband. She does not cook at all. They eat out or he goes to get take-out if nothing else. They have a lot of money, but are not involved in any way in the community, charities, volunteers...nothing. Now, that is a Watcher.
    I hope this explains a little more.

    Having a passion for anything worthwhile only comes from a Doer. So, rest easy--you are one. Sure, you relax, etc...but your mind is not still.

  6. Caroline--we're two of a kind. I was a late bloomer in several ways!
    But once I got started...I have not let up.

  7. Linda--yes, same thing, as I see it. Another way I've read it explained is the audience vs the cast on the stage.

  8. Ella--no doubt you are a Doer. Some of you that I know blow me away with your energy and projects. I accomplish, but I drag my feet so much of the time.
    I can never see you as "dragging your feet."