Wednesday, November 18, 2009



Meet 40 great Texas writers and illustrators! Books will be

available at the event from the Texas State University Bookstore

and the authors themselves. Autographed books make

wonderful holiday gifts for friends and family!


2:15 Diana Castilleja 3:45 Allan C. Kimball

3:00 Jacqueline Kelly 4:30 Shelley Seale

at the San Marcos Public Library

625 E. Hopkins St. 512.393.8200

Book Signings & Readings

Sunday, November 22, 2009
I will be a participant this year in the Texas Author Day. If anyone is in the vicinty of San Marcos, Texas, please drop by our library and visit! This year 40 authors will attend, and all will have books you may decide to buy, or just come by and visit with us. It's a fun time, no pressure, just come and enjoy!
Celia Yeary
Western Historical Romance Author
Book: All My Hopes and Dreams


  1. Celia--wish I lived closer, but Florida is a long way from Texas. Sounds like fun.

  2. Celia, the event sounds wondeful! Have fun and good luck with sales. :-)

  3. Celia, wish I could be there. I have a books signing in Georgetown the 21st at the Hill Country Bookstore so doubt I'll be driving south two days in a row.

    I hope you have many sales!

  4. Oh, three L's! I think this is a sign of good luck. It will be fun, if nothing else. San Marcos residents will turn out for it. I love to talk to some of the other authors.I'll post photos next week. Thank you all so much, Loretta, Loraine, and Linda. Love, Celia

  5. Celia,

    That is going to be a wonderful time! I wish you wonderful luck with your signing/selling. Wish we had something like that HERE--we do, but on a much smaller scale. Sounds wonderful. It almost...almost...makes me wish I lived on your side of the Red River. LOL
    Love, Cheryl

  6. Yeah, Cheryl, but not quite, huh??? You are an Okie and I am a Texan--but we're friends, sisters, not enemies like football teams!!!
    I'm looking forward to it--it was very crowded last year, and we have more authors this year. Thanks for the comment--Celia

  7. Celia,

    I hope the event turned out well. I expect to hear more about it. Hint! Another blog post. Smile.