Monday, February 25, 2013

All About Me and All About You

Our blogs are our "brand" as much as our books. What is the personality of your blog? Is it "you?" I believe this is a pertinent question. As I've recently read, "Don't sell your books--sell yourself." I've come to believe this is the way to go. Even if you don't intentionally try to sell yourself instead of your books, I think you're doing that.

This past week I participated in Romancing the West Blog Hop, and in my spare time I have checked out the other blogs in the list. Yes, I know some of the authors and can truthfully say their blogs fit them to a "t." Well done, Western Authors.

To learn about yourself, list a few things about you as a person.

First, I'll tell about myself. Then, make your list and tell us here...or just keep it for reference to do a self-analysis.
1. I'm the middle daughter—enough said.
2. I have a killer instinct which I call "a competitive nature,"
but it's quietly buried until I need it. I LOVE to win.
3. I still have no idea why I'm writing romance novels.
4. I save every scrap of fruit and vegetable matter and feed it to my deer.
5. Politicians make me as angry as I ever become about anything.
6. Something that breaks my heart on a daily basis is the fact
so many children in the world don't have a real home.
7. Of all the traits we humans possess,
I most especially hate dishonesty—in all forms.

Feel free to say a few things about yourself. I'd love to know!

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Thursday, February 21, 2013



Why do we enjoy writing and reading about the West? What is it about cowboys that is just plain irresistible? Why do I write the West? I find it difficult to put into words.
~~The Final Frontier, perhaps? No, that’s the name for space exploration and Star Wars.
~~Romance in Sweeping Vistas with a love story set in a different time, perhaps? That’s how we describe novels set in early Scotland.
~~The Era of the Strong, Silent type who always gets the girl while he brings justice in full measure, perhaps? That’s how we describe Indiana Jones adventures.

See? I cannot exactly describe my feelings when I begin a new Western Historical novel, either reading one or writing one. Oh! Now I know Why I Write the West! It’s all of the above, and in addition, it' falling in love.
Over thirty authors and bloggers tackle these and other questions by explaining why we love Romancing the West.

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Saturday, February 16, 2013


Today we were in Wal-Mart, looking for a few things, but mostly it was a day to roam and wander. In the pharmacy department, I happened to see a sign that read FREE. Free what? It was a bright shiny new kiosk to take your own blood pressure. I thought Wal-Mart had gotten rid of that, but here was a new one. In this one, it was like sitting in a little capsule, almost hidden, almost private. I love machines that tell me something about myself.
So, I sat down.

On the bright screen was a message: START.

I punched the button and learned right away I could learn more than my blood pressure from this very cool machine. It would also tell me my BMI (Body Mass Index, that is weight relative to my height.) It would also tell me my risk of having a serious disease, and my chance of a long healthy life.

Now, do you think I want to know all this? You bet I do.
So, I went about the process of measuring...MY SUCCESS.

First--Blood Pressure. By the time I finished this simple process I learned my blood pressure was--105/75. Really? REALLY? Isn't that very low? Wouldn't I feel lightheaded or something with such a low blood pressure? True, my BP is rather low, but it's usually around 120/ 80.

Second--BMI. I was instructed by the pretty lady on the screen to place my feet on the bars under the edge of my seat--in other words, take my feet off the floor. I did so. Then I was asked my height. Five feet-Six, I punched. The results? Excellent.

Third--my diet. Do I eat 4-6 servings a day of fruits and vegetables? Yes, I live on those and carbohydrates, mostly in the form of pasta. After this test of several questions, I was ranked--Excellent.

Fourth--my chances of living a long life.
Do I exercise regularly every day for at least thirty minutes? No. I am quite lazy.
Do I smoke? No, never.
Do I binge on alcohol? No. Only drink moderately.
Do I have relatives with diabetes? No.
Do I have relatives with heart disease. Yes.

After this test, I was ranked Good--not Excellent--but Good. And it will stay that way because I probably won't exercise any more than I do now.

Why am I talking about physical tests?
You knew I would sooner or later get around to measuring our success by the number of sales we made recently. This is the time of year for reflection--the dreaded 1099s that arrive from our publishers that tell us how much money we made during 2012.

Are you happy? Are you at least somewhat successful? Do you wonder what else you could have done?

All of the above, in my case. Yes, I'm reasonably happy, but not completely satisfied. I surely know I could have done more to feel satisfied.

But do I feel successful?
Yes, and I'll tell you why.
I began writing late in life, so whatever I accomplish now is only a plus, a big present wrapped up in shiny paper with a big red bow. To write stories and have a wonderful publisher who likes my work and puts them out in ebook and print is one of the most thrilling things I've done. And I've accomplished other things later in life that surprised even me. 

I never thought I'd  go to college at age 27 and get two degrees. I never thought I'd be fortunate enough to teach in a wonderful private military boarding school. I never thought I'd learn to play golf at age forty. I never thought I'd suddenly begin to write fiction when I'd never thought of it in my entire life.

How Do You Measure Success? It's all relative, don't you see? Think on the positives, and look forward to trying something new to boost your own success.

Every day is a new day to begin again.

Good luck to you all--and think...SUCCESS!

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Romance vs. Love Story--What's the Difference?

February is the month of love, in particular, romantic love. Or is it? The stores are filled with Valentine products--cards, candy, flowers, stuffed animals, and perfumes. It's obvious which of these are designed for someone in which we have a romantic/love interest, and which are designed for children.

Baby Love

Love~*~First Love, Baby Love, Puppy Love, God's Love, Mommy Love, Sacrificial Love, and Selfless Love. The list could go on and on. But being "in love" is different because it denotes a new sexual, special feeling with someone.

But my main question is, what's the difference between a romance story and a love story? If the answer is, "A Romance is a story with a HEA for the couple," then that's right. But suppose it begins with a romance but ends tragically or unhappily? Then we'd probably call it something else...maybe a Love Story?

And what difference does it make anyway? I thought about this when I saw a publisher who spelled out the difference: "A Romance is a love story that ends with a HEA." I suppose that could mean, "We don't know what happens to the couple after the story ends...after all, we only want to know about the romance." But haven't you often wondered--what happened after they married?

The publisher continued the definition: "A Love Story is between a married couple, or at least a couple who already have established their relationship, and the plot goes from there."

A Romance..or a Love Story?

~*~The movie "Love Story"
~*~Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's relationship
~*~Ronald and Nancy Reagan's relationship
~*~"You've Got Mail"
~*~"Pride and Prejudice"

I think I understand the clear definition in order to submit to a publisher, but I didn't always. Two of my Texas books--Texas Promise and Texas True--begin with the couple either already married, or married by chapter two.

In the case of Texas Promise, Jo and Dalton's marriage began rocky and almost ended before the story began. But they remained married throughout, giving me a chance to redeem both of them and rescue their precious love and form a stronger bond in marriage than they'd had in the beginning.

In the case of Texas True, young True Cameron falls in love instantly and marries hastily. Then she learns of her husband's true personality and deceit, and instead of giving up, she works to save her marriage...and save him, as well. Another case of someone needing redemption, and that was Sam, the husband.

Needless to say, the main publisher I was with would not accept these books in these forms. I understand completely, but soon succeeded in having both published as I wrote them.

So, what should these novels be called? I still call them Romances, because truly, the married characters actually fell in love--a real kind of love-- during their conflicts in the plot.

In reality, both are probably Love Stories, though.
The best part is that not one reader ever questioned me about whether they should be labeled "romances."

Celia Yeary-Romance...and a little bit 'o Texas