Friday, December 24, 2010

FRUITCAKE Gets Bum Rap...or CAN a Fruitcake Stop a Speeding Bullet?

“Fruitcake Gets Bum Rap”-a quirky individual who gets shuttled off to jail on an imaginary charge.

No, not that kind of fruitcake. I would never use such a politically incorrect term to define someone who might resemble my Great-aunt Lizzie who made pies out of leftover jams and jellies. I’m referring to the type of cake made from candied fruits and nuts that some insist on baking or buying to give as Christmas gifts. You’ve heard Jay Leno make fun of a family tradition of giving this cake, where one recipient says, “Why, thank yew sooo much! I just love fruitcake.” Then that person proceeds to wrap it anew and gives it to someone else. The same cake is passed around for years—and never deteriorates!

I, for one, really, really do love fruitcake. Admittedly, some are better than others, but even the cheap ones that come in a decorative tin and sold in your local discount store have something to offer. At Christmas parties, someone always contributes a plate of dark sliced fruitcake, perhaps a little dry, forlorn, skipped over by guests as they select a tidbit here, a morsel there. Me? I’ll take a piece of the cake every time.

Last year, I posted this on my blog and included my recipe for fruitcake. However…I have something BETTER! A man commented about fruitcake and sent along this You Tube video--do not miss it!


Celia Yeary-Romance...and a little bit 'o Texas


  1. Celia - finally had a chance to check this out. It's hysterical. Can't say that I like fruitcake that much, but I did have a recipe years ago that wasn't too bad. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Best wishes in the New Year. Your CRR friend, Ann

  2. Celia, I love good fruitcake, especially homemade. I read an article, once, that went into the history. It said fruitcake was originally designed to be cut thinly so it resembled a stained glass window. Nothing like good fruitcake.