Saturday, January 8, 2011

READERS' ANSWERS to the Question: What Makes a Good Blog?

Last week I asked the question: What makes a good blog? Twenty authors commented, and others commented on Yahoo loops. Several authors said the same thing, which meant the ideas were important.

The visiting authors:

Terry Spear; Adelle Lauden; Linda Swift; Skhye Purington; Steph Burkhart; Morgan Mandel; Cynthia; Miss Mae; Maggie Toussaint; Cheryl Pierson; Keena Kincaid; Paula Martin; Mona Risk; Pauline Holyoak; Diane Craver; Danielle Thorne; Jennifer Hudson Taylor; LK Hunsaker; Connie Chastain; and Savanna Kougar.

The most often mentioned answer was "a catchy title," one that would get the reader's attention and pique their interest. Another most often named was tags--something I often forget. Photos seemed to be very popular, as well as something different from writing topics.

One reader said, "A reason a visitor doesn't comment might be the difficulty of signing in, especially copying those little curly letters." I agree with this one hundred percent. About one out of four times I try to sign in an author's blog, the process becomes tedious. Much of the time I will not leave a comment.

Other suggestions: keep the blog current, don't stray into controversial subjects, promote your blog, and reflect what you write.

Keena Kincaid suggested a unique view: "Show energy and passion in your blog. People who like to blog often get more visitors, too."

Thank you for the ideas, and while I know they're important doesn't mean I remember to use them enough. I'll make notes of these, and hope to write an article soon.

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  1. Thanks for all the great suggestions and feedback.

  2. BETH--you're welcome. I have some good material for an article, too. Thanks for stopping by--Celia

  3. I think the signing in with the curly letters and stuff does deter some. Readers enjoy being able to do things without a lot of hassle. If a place is hard to get into then they usually won't bother, a writer won't either a lot of times.

    I've always been told that the simpler you make things,t he better. And of course it helps to have a topic that draws interest too.

    Love and blessings

  4. Thanks for the info. Getting my blog up and running is one of this month's goals. Last spring, I took a seminar called Intro to Blogging. I need to dig out those notes and couple them with your comments. I think I need to map out a few weeks of posts before I get started. That way, I'll be a little ahead of the game.

  5. I'm playing catch-up here and I really appreciate your summing it up so well, Celia. I tend to agree with the comment about having trouble with the squiggly lines when posting. I often fail the "human testers" and just give up. Great post!

  6. Now I better go and blog. LOL

    I have to add that maintaining a good blog, or more specifically a popular blog, definitely improve the sales, much more than many fabulous reviews. How do I know that? Let say that I compare my sales to someone else's sales. How I wish my blog was more popular or I was more active at blogging.

  7. RITA--you are so right! Simple is better in so many ways. I get a little annoyed if I'm asked for so many things--makes me feel a bit like a crinimal. And I really don't know how much good it does. Thanks! Celia

  8. AARBAUGH--Sometimes, you need to just jump in and get your feet wet. I did, only knowing a little of what I wanted to do. An author I didn't even know e-mailed one day and told me how to make my blog more "me." So, you see, that's the key--it must reflect "you." And be interesting--except my blog is most often more interesting than I am personally. Celia

  9. MAEVE--oh, yes, thos squiggly lines seem to be a problem with everyone. Really--what is the point? Thanks for the comment--Celia

  10. MONA--that is a statistic I don't know. If a blog is popular, does it sell more books. Gee, I have no idea. Good thing to ponder, though. Celia

  11. Blogger ate my comment. Boo hoo!

    Okay - I'll try this again.

    Blogs are an art form, not a science in my opinion. You get a high A for your blog, Miz Celia!


  12. MAGGIE--bad blogger! It's at it again. Thanks, I just love getting As--Celia

  13. Celia - did I see blogging for dummies? Cute! I agree - the curly letters are a deterent, but in some cases needed because of the spam factor. Celia, you have an awesome blog and you've found what works for you! Rock it!

  14. It seems we are all searching for the elusive right equation to what makes a good blog. For me it is all about keeping things current.
    So far, I haven't had any complaints. Your blog is lovely, as are you.

  15. STEPH--you are such a sweetheart. What would we all do without you? But I'm not sure how those squiggly letters deter the spammers. That's one of the things I'm studying. I don't require anything to comment, and in all this time I've had one spammer, and since it was writtne in Chinese characters I had no idea what it was about. I delted it--I have that power as owner. And it never appeared again.Celia

  16. Ahh, Adelle, after the day I've had, I thank you so much for the compliment. I love my blog--I've said before and I'll say again, it's the one thing that really keeps me happy, and I love to think up something for the next week.
    I know if I tried to blog everyday with ramblings, I'd burn out quickly. Thank you again, Celia

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