Saturday, April 2, 2011


In the midst of furiously writing romance novels, another story came to me. I knew it wouldn't be a pure romance, though. Oh, of course, I would have a heroine, and yes, she would meet the "one," but the plot would revolve around her, her mother, and a mystery baby. A real love story--man, woman; mother, daughter; and daughter, family.

We were driving south through Indiana from Michigan back to Texas, and through that region are long stretches of farms and small towns off the interstate. Often during times on the road such as this, we have a CD playing. This gives me "dreaming time." I stare at the highway in front and occasionally glance to the side, but I'm only seeing characters in my imagination, performing for me, trying to tell their story.

On this particular trip, a scene played in my head about two teen girls meeting in an Unwed Mother's Home in 1980, and both having baby girls. One baby dies; one goes home with a mother.

This model looks like Dana Dawson
The Heroine

 The main story is about Dana Dawson who accidentally learns a shocking truth about her identity and the actual place of her birth.
During her search, she meets handsome, fun-loving Dr. Grant Adams who assists her in learning the truth.
In the meantime, they fall in love...but obstacles get in their way.

This model looks like the Hero
Dr. Grant Adams 
CRYSTAL LAKE REUNION was released on April 1, 2011 by Whiskey Creek Press. If you want to know more, Click below to read the blurb and open a sample chapter—which is a prologue. The story begins 25 years later.

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  1. Sounds like you've got a good idea for your next project! I seem to get inspiration while I'm in the shower. Something about that hot water pounding on my brain. But I can see how a car trip could work too - if you're not in the middle of traffic!

  2. I like the concept and I am always interested in how inspiration mind is usually quiet. So many have told me that their characters chatter and clamor to tell their story. I must lack imagination. LOL

  3. Congratulations on your new book, Celia. It starts out as a heart-wrenching story. It will be interesting to see where God takes these people.

  4. Celia, I'm late visiting today. My dh and I were at a Spring Fling dancing the afternoon away. I love ballroom dancing almost as much as writing. I know Crystal Lake Reunion is a wonderful book and I will be buying in next. The cover is beautiful and the plot is one of your usual heart-gripping stories. I wish you great success with sales. Linda

  5. It sounds like a wonderful story, Celia. Isn't it interesting how the minds words, how stories evolve? My inspiration comes at night before I got to sleep. Best of luck with your new release.

  6. What a wonderful story, Celia. Good luck with your sells, lady.

  7. Sandy Ruth--definitely not in traffic. I only do it when I'm not driving. Thanks for visiting...Celia

  8. LAURIE--oh, I think people are different. Some of us have over-active imaginations. I don't want it any other way, honestly, but sometimes I can't shut it off and have to start writing, afraid I'll forget it. Enjoyed your visit..Celia

  9. Thank you, Gail. Actually, it is almost an Inspirational novel. At least there's a Bible verse in it.And it was one of those stories that just about wrote itself. Love those. Celia

  10. Thank you, Linda--I hope readers will see that it's emotional, yes, but it's also a happy book--the hero and heroine are sort of happy-go-lucky, in that they find humor in many things. Celia

  11. LINDA--actually, at night,just before I go to sleep is a creative time for me as well. Now, I've done that my entire life. Lie there and create little scenes or stories. I just never wrote anything down. I was only entertaining myself until I went to sleep. Thank you for stopping by--Celia

  12. Celia-- I like something different from the usual, she meets him, he likes her, they have a problem and solve it, they have a HEA.
    My creative time is anytime I am on my own and relaxed, when I walk on the beach, when I sit in the car,...

  13. MONA--Me, too....guess that's why some of my books have so much other stuff in them.
    I understand--I'm only creative when it's quiet and I'm alone. Celia