Saturday, August 13, 2011

I Need Cheering Up! It's August!

The doldrums are not a usual thing with me. I almost always can find ways to cheer myself up, and maybe those around me, too. Life is too short being depressed or out of sorts. I'd love for everyone in the world to be happy.

But the days are dragging, the heat is relentless, and not all my loved ones are healthy and well. So, I thought I'd look on my MSN news page for something happy. Well, maybe this wasn't exactly the right thing to do. Here were some of the headlines:

1. Cheating in Sports? It's a way of life. Tell me it ain't so.

2. Tiger did not make the cut in the last major championship of the year--for the first time in his life! Okay, maybe this is not real important, me, it's bad.

3. Teen sentenced to 35 years for school shooting. This is just heartbreaking. What was he thinking?

4. Al-Qaida--I don't even want to go there.

5. Four hidden risks to your nest egg. Groannnn! Not more hidden risks! How many are there?

But then, as I roamed around the page, this caught my eye--"Want to Hear Some Good News?" Honestly, that was the headline! Now, we're getting somewhere. Here's what I read.

1. Ghana schoolboy launches $13 million drive for Somali kids during his 8-week school holiday by walking from office to office, collecting donations. Isn't he a handsome young man?

2. Army wife, Darla Harlow, gets a surprise when, thinking she had been randomly chosen to throw out the first pitch, the catcher removed his mask and it was her
soldier/husband Major Harlow on leave! Sniff.

3. Bruce Ivin, former HS dropout, drug dealer, and thief, turned his life around with the help and advice from a friend who cared about him. Now--star defensive end for West Virginia. I hope he continues to live the good life. It's not easy in the NFL.

There! Now, don't you feel better? I do. 
Celia Yeary-Romance...and a little bit 'o Texas


  1. Celia, thanks for bringing a smile to my face this morning. The baseball story really warms my heart.

    I can honestly say I'm so busy I don't have August doldrums. The kids went back to school on Thursday and Friday was amazing. I feel like got a bit of my life back. Sigh... & Smiles

  2. Celia, your post caught my eye because this is a doldrum day for me, too. So here I am and what I read here was a real day brightener. Of course, we are in the "dog days" in August so we should expect a doldrum or two...or three. This too, shall pass. And I'll say a word or two about Heart of a Hero. It's a wonderful book and I prescribe it to anyone who wants a good read to brighten up their day. Loved the grandmother in this story. She almost stole the show. Linda

  3. Thank you, Celia for the very uplifting happy news. I loved the wife whose service husband surprised her. all good stories. Thanks!

  4. Great post, Celia. I needed some cheering up after feeling down about all the grandstanding politicians. Grrrr. And I've got a book to finish...but on the whole:

    I've just come back from a great trip and I live where the weather is always perfect (honest). I've got another grandbaby on the way and my son just graduated with honors with his God's blessings abound in my little corner of the world.

    Tiger Woods makes me sick, though LOL.

  5. I love good news - even the kind that makes me tear up. Sometimes it's difficult to smile and lighten your heart, but from someone who has had enough saddness to last a lifetime, it works. Maybe it's the smile that fools the rest of your soul, but it works for me. Life isn't easy, but most of the time it is sure worth it. :)

  6. Celia, thanks for sharing some good news. I wish TV commentators and the newspapers would give more stories like the boy raising money to help kids in Somalia.

  7. Celia--I haven't had a second to feel bored. I had four lovely angels--or demons--depending on the time of the day to keep me on my toes for the last four weeks. I am finally relaxing and don't mind sharing some boredom with my dear husband. LOL

    I turned off the TV because I can't find any good news, national or international. The word is going crazy, and stupid and mean. So we are watching tennis. Or at least hubby is and I am reading emails.

  8. Steph--I do understand the children thing--that's how I felt--I'd get my life back when they went back to school. But as you know, and as you're doing, many good memories are made in the summers. You're doing the right thing not to allow that to go by.

  9. Lynne--good for you! And you're welcome. Celia

  10. Linda--thanks for the plug for Heart of a Hero. I am thrilled by your comments you emailed.
    Just think, I was born in August in Texas--my poor mother. She always said she remembered it well. No airconditioning, of course, and at the time we had not running water or an indoor toilet, Can you imagine? Bless her heart.
    We can't wait for that first "cold" front.
    Homemade Peanut Butter Ice cream with shaved chocolate? You do know how to torture an ice cream lover.

  11. Sarah--yes, the soldier surprising his wife is a big hit. It made me shed a tear. Thanks for visiting--Celia

  12. Tanya--you have more blessings than you can count. But you deserve them.
    Yes, politicians and Tiger--too sickening.
    Where in the world is a place with perfect weather all the time?

  13. PAISLEY--You cover your sad experiences well, and I applaud you for that. I always admire someone who smiles and carries on even when her heart is breaking. I know you can't do that all the time, but even part of the time is worth it.
    I don't know about you, but I don't particulary like a lot of sympathy.It makes me uneasy, even when I know people are being kind and sincere. I'd rather try to hide it.

    Thank you for your comment. Celia

  14. How lovely to see your take on the news, dear Celia. The heat of August makes so many people even crazier, it's a blessing to see that some folks are helping others or turning their lives around.

    I particularly enjoyed your graphic. It cheered me up just looking at it.

    I'm ready for some temps less than 90 degrees. We're still burning up in coastal Georgia.


  15. Yes, we are overwhelmed with BAD news, so we desperately NEED to hear good news! Thank you for sharing these items. It's uplifting to read of the good that others are accomplishing in their lives. :)

  16. I do, too, Caroline. We're big news watchers, and even though I don't have to, I do listen to every story--and just feel sick from so much bad news.
    You're right--they do not give us enough good news.
    We watch NBC nightly news with Brian Willians, and he has a segment at the end every night titled, "Making a Difference." I never miss those.

  17. MONA--we revert to HGTV House Hunters when we just can't stand it. I like the tv on from 8-until I go to sleep. And much of the time that's all I can find.
    Even the series shows are bad news.
    I can see where you'd relish some boredom!

  18. MAGGIE--I loved that graphic, too. I love to Google Images of whatever I need and choose something.
    We're burning up, too. Part of north and west Texas got nice rain yesterday, and since they're worse off than we are here in Central Texas, I don't begrudge them that rain at all.
    Thanks for your comment...Celia

  19. MISS MAE--sometimes we have to look a long time to find something good! But it's there--I don't think the entire world has gone bad. Not yet, anyway.
    Thanks for visiting. Celia.

  20. Thank you all for your comments!