Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day 2011

Let's give Thanks for the Blessings bestowed upon us,
Undeserved, yes, but those with open hearts and kind souls
will gratefully understand what great gifts we have.
For me and my house, we Thank the Lord for loving us,
His mortal creations, His weak and often sorrowful creatures.
Let's be thankful for our time on earth,
Our health, even though possibly failing and weak,
We still breathe and therefore can love and laugh.
Let's be thankful for this great nation in which we so
fortunately live.
Let's give thanks for our loved ones, those gone before us,
and those in our midst.
Let's be thankful for the simple things in life--
Trees and grass, the bright blue sky, the life-giving rain
that falls on the parched earth, the wind in our face
and at our back, the beauty of newborn creatures,
Both great and small, for the Lord Jesus Christ
Has made them all.
I'm grateful for my many friends, both in my personal life,
and those on-line whom I'll probably never meet,
and for the special one who is my mentor and soundboard.
Thanks for my family, my husband, our daughter and her family,
our son and his family,
our three grandsons, our sisters and brothers,
aunts and uncles.


  1. Dear Celia, what a beautiful Thanksgiving greeting. I can only say amen to all you have siad. I count your friendship as one of my special blessings. And the opportunity to know so many other wonderful people on the Internet who share my love of reading and writing has enriched my life beyond words to express. AS Tiny Tim said, God bless us everyone.

  2. Very beautiful and heartwarming. Thanks so much for sharing.