Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Daddy

Clarence Davis

Most of my ramblings I call anecdotal stories of my childhood revolve around me and sometimes my mother. Somehow, I have left out my daddy--for no particular reason or intent. Actually, he was the best daddy anyone could have. I don't remember that he ever scolded me and certainly he never spanked me.

I will give credit where it's due, and that is much of the time Daddy was gone during the week and came home on Fridays. That took him out of the picture a great deal. Still, he was present always in our hearts, minds, and conversations.

Daddy was bald by the time he was 23. He'd had thick curly blond hair to go with his beautiful Davis blue eyes, but genetics dictated that he lose it quickly and ended up with a ring of hair around his scalp. That's the only way I ever remember him, so that was his natural look.

As soon as he could afford them, he wore Stetsons and cowboy boots. Oh, I loved him in those.
Mother had dark brown eyes--and I got those. Daddy sang a little here and there, and he'd sing the old Western song to her, "Beautiful, beautiful brown eyes...I'll never love blue eyes again."
Daddy was a patient man...very patient. He liked to tell people he was bald because he lived in a house filled with females.

~*~He was the one who told Mother--"I think it's time to curl Celia Ann's hair," and Mother would put a permanent in it so it would match my younger sister's naturally curly hair.

~*~He wanted us dressed up as much as possible, because we were transit oil field people during my early years. No one ever saw us ragged or dirty or unkempt in any way. He polished our white high top shoes once a week.

~*~Once my older sister dropped her engagement ring down the toilet. Of course, she was hysterical, but Daddy calmly turned off the water and dismantled the commode and somehow found the ring way down there.

~*~Another time, we were all dressed to go to a wedding. I went to use the bathroom, and accidentally hit the shelving that sat above the tank. A large bottle of Mentholatum  fell into
the commode and it zoomed right down and got stuck. Daddy calmly returned to the bedroom, changed from his dress clothes to his work clothes, and told us to go on to the wedding. He didn't want to go anyway.

~*~When I was in high school, my girlfriends and I had slumber parties. One summer the party was at my house, and we made beds in the backyard in makeshift "tents" of quilts draped across overturned lawn furniture. At midnight, here came the boys, tiptoeing down the driveway to the back of the house. After they harassed us a little and we played around the yard, two boys climbed on top of the carport and onto the top of the house. Oh, they were quiet, they thought, but my daddy heard them.
He charged out the back door in his boxer shorts and no shirt and gave them the what-for.

~*~A great memory was sitting on the ice cream freezer on a towel while Daddy cranked the handle to turn the blades inside. During that time, he talked to me and I always enjoyed that time.
Daddy always told all of us three girls how pretty we were. I grew up with the thought that I was beautiful. Nope. I also thought we were rich because we always had new clothes and shoes. Nope. But he worked hard, and often at a second job to pay for the things we wanted. I even got a piano in the sixth grade.
People respected him. He was a quiet man and the only time I heard him raise his voice was when he ranted about someone he worked with.

Our country would be so much better off if all men were like my daddy.

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  1. What wonderful memories you have of your dad, Celia. I know you treasure every one. I loved your little tidbits about him. What a great guy.

  2. You were so fortunate, Celia. My father was a throwback to an earlier time of buttoned-up Victorian male. He never praised me or showed any pride in me, or any affection either! I think I spent a lot of my earlier life seeking his approval which waa never forthcoming. I could tell you countless tales about that, and I don't have any fond memories of him either. Sad really, but that's life!

  3. What a lovely remembrance to honor your father, Celia. He certainly was a great provider and he did everything in his power to be certain that his family had what they needed. He also taught y'all to have self-respect and to hold your head high.

    So many people lose their way these days because they have no self-respect. Your daddy was a great man.


  4. I have lovely memories about my dad too, Celia. Mine loved to argue though, He grew up in a time when there were debate teams and he loved a good debate. Other than that, he was a gentle soul. He was a great father. My husband is a great father and husband. Aren't we blessed?

  5. Celia, these are lovely memories of your father. My father was bald too and so was my grandfather. When I was small I thought that all daddies were bald after thy had children.

  6. Beautiful tribute to your dad, Celia. Thank you for sharing. I feel that i know this man through the image you have presented of him. You were blessed to have him for your dad.

  7. Sweet tribute, Celia. Your daddy and mine could have been brothers. Mine married the love of his life in my mom, and told his children they were beautiful and special at every opportunity. He used to describe himself as the fat Irishman with eight kids, and he always wore a beaming smile as he said it.

    Paula, my daughter's heart weeps for those who weren't blessed with a cheerleader father. Self-confidence is so much more difficult to attain when you have to find it on your own.

  8. Thank you, Celia, for sharing this wonderful post! You are beautiful : )

  9. Sarah--yes, they are wonderful memories. I don't have one bad memory of his being harsh with me. He just didn't have it in him. I adored him.
    Thank you for reading...

  10. Paula--that is very sad, and although that was your life, you still had the responsibity to care for yourself--we all do. My dad just boosted me up all the time. Everything I did or accomplished, he gave me praise for it, but really never had a hand in it.
    But he gave his love and praise, no matter if it was something small or something big--like college.
    We play the hand we dealt, don't we?

  11. Thank you, Maggie, for your kind words. He was great in my sight, and I especially loved that people respected him. He was a hard worker, and if he could help anyone with something physical, he would.

  12. Caroline--oh, yes, we are so blessed! It's wonderful to have a husband as good as your daddy--that doesn't always happen. We're lucky.

  13. Mona--haha..I knew he'd had beautiful hair--look at his photograph. He was about 20 there, I think.
    I thought our son would go bald thinking the gene skipped a generation. But he has thick hair and he's almost 50.

  14. Linda--yes, I was blessed with wonderful parents. That's always been my one wish when asked--that every child in the world have a real home and parents who love them.

  15. Mac--sounds like two of a kind! He did the same thing to mother--always told her she looked beautiful. And my mother was very pretty, especially when she was dressed up.

  16. You're welcome, Virginia--and thank you for reading it. I appreciate it!
    I did realize later in life that being beautiful is in the eye of the beholder. I always wondered how I got the man I wanted with slightly crooked teeth, glasses, and straight as a stick hair!

  17. Celia, you are truly blessed.
    IF my father came home, it was after we'd gone to bed. He didn't like children. He was always able to find parties and other 'companions' to keep him busy.
    I still try to call him every few years, but then I have to explain who I am.
    It's not a unique situation. It's just that father like yours are so rare.

  18. I am a big daddy's girl, and this touched my heart. :)

  19. What a moving post, Celia. Your daddy was a lovely person.

  20. Sandra--this makes my heart hurt for you. Sadly, yes, too many fathers are not like mine was--even today, I'm saddened by some of them I see or read about. I do know a lot of good men, though, around town who are good fathers, if not special.
    You must have a real gift yourself to be so successful and understanding of others--all accomplished without a good father. Bless you..

  21. Crystal--yes, me, too...a Daddy's girl. Probably was spoiled.

  22. Thank you, Jenny--I do appreciate your reading my post.

  23. Celia, thank you so much for sharing your wonderful memories. Very heartfelt. A loving tribute to your father. I loved th picture of him, too. ((hugs)) Steph

  24. Thank you, Steph! He was a good looking man.