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My good friend Paula Martin tagged me on FaceBook for "You've Got the Look." I was instructed to read through my current WIP and find the word "look"--and post the excerpt that includes the word.
Oh, my lands! The word was right there at the beginning!

Scenario: ~*~Lee King--he appeared in Texas Blue as a small boy who picked his nose and rode imaginary horses around the yard. I'd like to make him an early 20th Century entrepreneur  during the oil boom in Texas--a wildcatter, a risk taker, a rich man with money to make money, a tough businessman who has a big sense of humor. I'd have him run into a real buzz-saw, a serious woman who is investigating oil company monopolies for a New York newspaper.

Lee spent his youth roaming the west, isolated from the rest of his family. Lee is the independent son, a wild risk-taker, the one who left home but now returns to find his brother.
Early Twentieth Century

Lee King looked up at the huge sign splashed across the top of a multi-story brick building in downtown Houston. King Oil Company. Looks like big brother did it right.

With no hesitation, he walked through the enormous glass double doors in the foyer of the building. On the wall to the right was a sign behind glass listing the names of the offices, floor, and number.

His big brother occupied the entire top floor. Unimpressed, he punched the button for the electric elevator. The door slid open and he stepped in.

"Floor, sir?" The operator stood to the side as if at attention.

Lee grinned at the man in the red uniform trimmed in gold braid and the round hat that topped his head.


"Mr. King's offices?"

"That right."

"Very good, sir. Now, if you will just step to the rear, we'll be off."

Since Lee had never been in an elevator, he held his breath while the car moved, leaving his stomach behind. The weightless feeling almost made him gasp. Now, that's impressive.

The main office loomed directly in front of him. Polished mahogany lined the walls, and crystal wall sconces burned softly, illuminating the hall.

He pushed the door open and stepped in to luxurious surroundings, fit maybe for a king. The thought caused him to chuckle.

"I have an appointment with Dalton King," he announced to the receptionist behind the curved counter.

"Your name, sir?"

"Lee King."
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  1. A great start to your story, Celia. I'm already fascinated by Lee, and look forward to seeing how this develops.