Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Grab Your Kindle or Your Nook; Sit Right Down and Read a Book!

The time of giving and receiving gifts is over for the Christmas season. Many of us received some kind of electronic gadget, and most probably are digital readers. Me? I received a Kindle Fire HD7, and I do love it. I still have my old Kindle which I use when the other one is charging. Very handy to have two.
Many authors are offering bargains right now, so of course...being a person who never wants to be left out...I, too, will offer a list of stories, priced low for the entire holiday season, or priced low originally. Here are some choices:
The main story is about Dana Dawson who accidentally learns a shocking truth about her identity and the actual place of her birth. While in the process of ferreting out the truth, she meets a good-natured young doctor and falls in love.
Full-length novel for 99cents. The cover is an Ariana Awards Finalist
AMAZON KINDLE: Full-length novel for 99cents. The cover is an Ariana Awards Finalist.


LONE STAR DREAMING-A Western Romance Collection
Four romance novellas, originally 99cents each, now in a 4 story collection at just $2.99.  Save 99cents!
Angel and the Cowboy-1st release, and still selling*
Addie and the Gunslinger-the runaway biggest seller*
Charlotte and the Tenderfoot-a surprising success*
Kat and the U.S. Marshal-newest release--best feature? Diego Montoya!*


TEXAS PROMISE-Book I: The Cameron Sisters
Still restless, but no longer idealistic and insecure, he knew he had to go home.

AMAZON: $2.99

TEXAS TRUE- Book II: The Cameron Sisters
Instead of running from a marriage built on deception, True Cameron takes charge of her own life. She works to make her husband see her as a partner and that he is worthy of her true  love.

AMAZON: $3.99

 Celia Yeary-Romance...and a little bit 'o Texas


  1. Celia, thanks for the gifts. I'm loading LONE STAR DREAMING. I am still convinced that your new TEXAS BLUE cover is the prettiest cover EVER! Happy New Year.

  2. Caroline-thanks so much. The Lone Star Dreaming Collection was the biggest seller--the print--in Paducah, KY Oct. 6 at the Five Authors/Five /States book signing. It seemed like several women preferred a book with short stories--Linda Swift had a couple, and those sold well, too--because of things like--foot surgery coming up, vacation time, all kinds of reasons.

    I'm like you--I love the cover of this Texas Promise (it's not Texas Blue), too, with the windmill.

    But about the older Texas Blue with TWRP--it's selling more now than it did before Texas Promise and Texas True. Neat, huh?

    After Texas Blue came out, Jodi Thomas announced her new coming soon novel titled...TEXAS BLUE. I emailed her and jokingly said I had a book already out with that title, and maybe readers would be looking for her book but buy mine in error! Haha, I said.
    Her reply? An automated message that thanked me for signing up for her monthly newsletter. I promptly unsubscribed. Geesh.
    Happy New Year.

  3. I love your 'Texas series' of books. Best wishes for 2013

  4. Your stories are so heartwarming. These are some great deals, too. I just got a Kindle Fire HD for Christmas, so this is a great time to buy some books.