Sunday, April 13, 2014


 For this discussion, let's say we can omit our kids, our grandkids, our home, our spouse, our relatives, our dog or cat, and maybe even cooking and gardening.
Any one of these listed items can be fulfilling and important, but unless you're a highly acclaimed chef, cooking is not a passion. Sure, some of us love to cook, but I'd bet we're not passionate about making dinner every night.

Definition of Passionate:
"Showing or caused by strong feelings or a strong belief."

I could add more to this, but it's enough for a beginning.

When I thought about people who "had a passion," these famous people came to mind: Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, the Defenders of the Alamo, Oprah, Marie Curie, Florence Nightingale.

But these people probably didn't mentally choose their  place in history--it evolved, and each one became more passionate as time went on.

I thought of athletes who trained an entire lifetime for one gold medal; one who studied and sought a way to be the first to climb Mr. Everest; one who decided to run a race even though his legs were gone; and maybe one who thought to create a gadget we call a computer.

So, far, I feel rather inadequate and insignificant. Maybe you do, too. However, anyone can be passionate about something. It doesn't have to be huge or earth-shattering.

I would warn a person to be careful about choosing a passion--or allowing a passion to choose you--some passions can eventually put you in the poor house; or some may make you feel as though you're going crazy; or some may isolate you from your friends and the world.

Now, big question: What is your passion? Don't tell me you don't have one, because we all do.

When you discern the label of your passion, answer these questions:
1. Did you ever consider this a passion?
2. Is passionate the same as obsessed?
3. Is it easy or difficult?
4. Is it fun?
5. Can you shut out the world to carry out your passion?
6. If someone demanded it of you, could you give it up?

Hard, isn't it?
~~For me,  writing novels and short stories is a hobby, a craft, because I do it in my spare time.
~~I loved to play golf, but again, that was a game and something to do in my spare time.
~~We traveled quite a bit many places, but that was an adventure, something fun and interesting.

I'm not sure I have a real passion, although I do care very much about certain things.

If you comment and tell me yours, I'll tell you mine.
Thanks so much for taking time to read my blog.

Celia Yeary-Romance...and a little bit 'o Texas


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  2. My passion is animal rescue and preserving our environment . I volunteer at an amazing ranch which readies for adoption horses who have been abused or abandoned. It is soooo heartening and I learn sooo much. I also am passionate about the survival of wolves, one of the most persecuted animals ever. I have "adopted" two of them through Defenders of Wildlife, also a sea turtle, a polar bear, and two donkeys at a sanctuary in Israel. Adoption of course, means financial support. I wish these critters could live with me!

    Excellent, thoughtful post, Celia.

  3. TANYA--Oh, I knew you would have a passion. I did know about the horses and wolves, and this tells me you are truly passionate about helpless animals.
    My passion? Learning and education, not just for myself, but for all those students out there, young and old, who desperately need good educations. We can't help many, but we do contribute to the Presbyterian Children's Homes of Texas--five scattered around. Our money goes to helping them in school some way--clothing, electronics, etc. Whatever the board decides they need for school.
    Thanks for your comment.

  4. Writing is my passion. I've done other things in life including going to school forever and teaching and loved both. I feel an obligation to help others in many ways and get pleasure from doing so. But I always come back to writing. And no, I couldn't give it up if told I had to. I consider writing ability to be a God-given gift and one I am obligated to share.

  5. Well I think the first thing many of the authors will say is writing and I have to say I'm in there, too. Since I was a kid I have loved telling stories. My days and nights are filled with thinking about it or actively writing. Not many of us would have gotten this far without being passionate about it.
    But I have other passions, too.
    Although I'm not a crusader, I do care about Mother Earth and the creatures on it. I want Sea World to free the captive whales. If I were an Orka, I would rather die in the wilds of the big ocean than spend my life in a swimming pool entertaining humans. Just sayin'. I do my part in preserving the environment and protecting animals, domestic and wild. And I love to feed birds and watch them.
    But here's the real passion: I love Big Foot. I cannot help thinking that there's a great ape lurking in the wilds of America. Call me crazy, but I believe there is such a creature and one day, the scientists will have proof. But I don't want anyone to kill or cage them.
    The word passion sounds positive to me. It's about things we care about. But Obsession has a whole other meaning to me. It's the dark, unwholesome fascination with something or someone that can lead down a terrible path.
    Great discussion, Celia.

  6. Writing is my passion. I thought my passion was music, but I can go days without playing my guitar. When I go days without writing, I start to twitch...

  7. Linda--writing seems to be a common passion with many of us. I still wonder is it is really my passion, since I began writing so late in life. You'd think I would have written stories when I was young if I were an author who was passionate about writing. I almost consider it a way to entertain myself, since I don't write anything of great significance.
    If I were told I'd have to give up writing, certainly I'd balk..but I might for a good reason.
    Sometimes I wish a had a real passion like some people, but in the end, maybe I'm too lazy.
    Thanks so much for your comment.

  8. When I was 10, I couldn't decide whether I would become an actress, a singer, a poet, or a writer. So many dreams to pursue.

    Before I graduated high school, reality set in. I married, got a job, and the rest was history.

    Until 2002, when my first story was published in a local magazine! My passion soared. I spun out 20 additional stories over the next few months, relentless in sending them to various magazines. Only one was accepted and that to the previous local magazine.

    Soon I realized my mother's story of parental abuse and healing needed to be written. "Journey To Forgiveness" was released in March 2009.

    Writing is my passion' stories spin around in my head demanding to be written. I jot down the plot. Most of them are still waiting...and waiting while I edit for other writers.

    It gives me fulfillment to know I'm helping new writers get their start. Yet at the back of my mind I want to write my OWN stories.

    I guess that's a little of that selfishness coming through. LOL.

  9. Sarah--I will forever remember you as a crusader to save Big Foot! You and Linda are truly passionate about writing, because it's been a life long thing, and you couldn't give it up. There's where we differ. Although I love writing, I could give it up--with a struggle, but I could--I think.
    I certainly understand passion about wanting our precious earth's resources to be preserved and maintained. Not enough people are working on the problem, because it would take every human on earth to do their part--and too many won't. But with people like you and me, we can do what we can.
    We recycle as though it was a religion. Actually, my husband is the Big Recycler. We do not pay for garbage pick-up, because we have such a tiny sack of stuff that can't be recycled.
    He has bins in the garage that would make any true tree hugger proud. He loads all the bins and boxes in the back of the pickup every two weeks, and off we go to Green Guy Recycle, which recently won a national award for a best recycle plant.

    We throw vegetable and fruit peelings out the back for the deer..we have three acres, and many deer. This is not the same as feeding them...we consider it as "snacks" for the deer.
    The tiny sack of un-recyclables (Styrofoam, etc.) goes in a big trash bin at Green Guy.

    Thanks so much for your interesting post. I love to see a truly passionate person!

  10. MAGGIE-- You do see the difference. You can't stand not writing, but you don't have that same feeling about the guitar--although you love it, too.
    Thanks for taking time to come by.

  11. Celia,
    Your post has had me dwelling on this since yesterday. I wondered what WAS my passion. I, like most here, love to write, and I've become more devoted to the craft in the last few years, really trying to improve, to learn, to sweat through the work and get it done instead of just "thinking" about it. So, I would term that a 'passion'. But, I love Sarah's comment about Big Foot! I think I too love the unexplained and the strange. The world is such a big, amazing place, with so many things we don't understand. I feel humbled to simply go out and explore. And I find this to be a passion for me--to be open to the next door that opens, to engage fully, to use my gifts to improve the lives of others, even if it's simply to entertain.

    Thanks for such a thought-provoking (and soul-searching) topic.

    Have a wonderful day!!

  12. LAURIE--it's not selfish to do what you want. I know women who knock themselves out trying to help others, especially older people.

    I commend them for that, but from more than one I hear, Oh, I wish I had time to(fill in the blank: make handmade jewelry; restart my love of painting; write poetry; work to become a Master Gardener; Spend a couple of weeks in Italy), but I'm just too committed to these programs."

    I know these ladies, and I want to shake them and say, "Life is short! You're in your seventies! Do something you really want to do!
    Think of yourself for once!

    I think you can see I am somewhat of a selfish person--but truly, life is short and we should not waste one precious moment doing something that drags us down when we don't really need to do it at all.

    Thanks for you sharing your thoughts. You must keep writing...whatever comes your way.

  13. Kristy--your comment was very poetic. I loved the line "To be open to the next door that opens, to engage fully, to use my gifts to improve the lives of others, even if it's simply to entertain."
    Just lovely, and no one else could have said it better.
    I agree, but I couldn't have thought the proper way to express my feelings.
    Thank you so much for sharing your lovely thoughts, so well said.