Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Gorgeous Hero, Stunning Heroine, and Free Books!

Who are the actor and actress I’ve chosen to play the role of my hero, Ricardo Romero, and my heroine, Cynthia Harrington? (More later about the identities of these movie stars.)
How does Cynthia Harrington see Ricardo? Here are a few of her thoughts, randomly selected. Maybe you will learn a little about this young man who eventually captures her heart, and if my actor fits the character.
“Why doesn’t he wear a Western hat like all the other men in Texas? Why does he have to wear those tight, brown pants with the silver conchos down the outside seams? And why must he wear those fancy-stitched boots, instead of nice, serviceable ones like everyone else?”
“He stood next to the mare with his arm slung over her back and his hat hanging down his by the cord. He looked young with his inky hair, mussed and errant strands falling over his forehead. He wasn’t as old as she thought.”
“Cynthia caught her breath when she perused his body, now clad only in cotton drawers. His appearance was almost wild, as if he was a savage who lived in the forest, but his smile was gentle, teasing, as he held his hand out to her.”
“She laid her hand upon his face and looked into his black eyes, made even darker with desire, and they seemed to bore into her soul, and even her heart.”
“Land sakes, alive; he was so different. Even his skin was dark, and his eyes resembled shining pieces of obsidian. And oh, such arrogance and haughtiness!”
How does Ricardo see Cynthia? Here are a few of his thoughts about her.
“Ricardo was an expert at handling women and horses. The little mare watched him with big baleful eyes, as if she dramatically and silently willed him to touch her. Women often looked at him the same way. This woman, though… This one was different. She was one reserved lady, and he knew without a doubt no man had ever laid a hand on her.”
“Carefully, she held the knife with the fruit on the tip, leaned to the side, and bit off a small chunk of sweet peach. The juice ran down her chin, but she daintily wiped it away. Again, her delicate, feminine lips wrapped around a bite. Ricardo held his breath each time, his eyes riveted on those lips and mouth. His heart beat hard and heavy in his chest, something it had never done in the presence of a beautiful woman.”
“Whatever she was doing, it unnerved him. Why was he tense and too aware of her? She had a way of smoothing errant strands of hair away from her face with her small, elegant hands. Her movements were slow and easy, as though she performed a private dance. So far, she hadn’t lost control or become hysterical, and for that, he was grateful. Couldn’t stand high-strung women.”
“He kissed her through the wet fabric, and instead of pulling away, she pushed toward him. She rolled her head back with her eyes closed. He saw a desirable woman. He saw her as his wife, his partner, his companion. Most of all, he felt the sensation of…falling under her spell.”
For this contest, give me the names of the actor and actress I chose to portray Ricardo and Cynthia. If you don’t recognize them, go to Love Western Romances where I am in the Author Spotlight for the month. Read my interview and find the names. Please do not post the names on this blog; instead, you may e-mail the answers to me at I’ll choose winners from those who leave a comment. Thank you !
The link for Love Western Romances:
I’ll choose two winners—in the event of multiple correct answers, I’ll make a random selection. The winners may choose a pdf of All My Hopes and Dreams or a pdf of my newest release, a short novel titled Showdown in Southfork (A Wayback, Texas novel.)

Celia Yeary
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  1. Enjoyed checking out the book and your website. Book looks like a good read. I think both of those actors would do good.

  2. I'm so out of touch when it comes to movies, actors and actresses these days. you did a good job finding a couple to play your characters. I loved the story!

  3. Hi Celia,

    OOOOHHH, you did good, girl! They are both very very PRETTY. I'm out of touch, too, when it comes to names of actors and actresses, like Linda. I have a friend who goes and gets pictures of the people she envisions FIRST before she ever starts writing her story. She keeps them at her desk so she can look at them for inspiration. Not a bad idea. I like the ones you chose!

  4. Linda--thanks! I had a lot of fun Googling actors and actresses. I needed Hispanic or Mexican Actors, and I found dozens--the only Hispanic actors i knew were Cheech and Chong! Celia

  5. Thanks, I like them, too. There was no question with Kate Bosworth, but I had three actors chosen for my hero. I downloaded all three and studied them several times--drooled while I was at it. Celia

  6. Shhot! I don't know who they are, but he is YUMMY!

    Thanks for sharing their thoughts about one another. Clever blog.

  7. Debra--in the blog, you can find the link which will give the names--you still have time! thanks for stopping by--Celia

  8. I don't know them either and will have to follow your link, but he's a cutie!

  9. Celia, I can't put names on these beautiful faces but they are exactly how I imagine Ricardo and Cynthia when I read your story. You know I loved it so much.

  10. This is unrelated to your blog post, but I read your story about Katherine Shultz (and her book!) in the SMBA newsletter and just wanted to say thank you. I was a student at SMBA when she was the counselor. She passed away my Freshman year of college, and she is dearly missed still.


  11. Oooh, the wait for Showdown just got a LOT tougher! I can't wait to read it, Celia!

  12. Oooh, the wait for Showdown just got a LOT tougher! I can't wait to read it, Celia!

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  14. Thanks, Loraine and Mona--ohhh, just think how many handsome mexican actors I had to look at in order to choose--what a chore!!
    Glad you stopped by--Celia

  15. Thanks, Amber--hope you enjoy it! Celia