Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Memories of Autumn Leaves

“This heat and humidity is killing me,” my husband mutters as he carries out yet another loaded box to the van. “Can’t wait to get on the road.”

The calendar reads October fifteenth, but in Texas the ever-present heat and sweltering humidity still tortures us.

“Um-hum,” I answer, when he re-enters the kitchen and I hand him another filled box. “Me, too. I hope the trees have turned real pretty. Do you have plenty of memory on your camera? My card holds only two hundred and fifty shots.”

“Yeah, I think I have three hundred or so. We can always get more.”

“Well, remember, half of my photos will be of the boys. Aren’t all three of them at cute stages?”

He walks out the garage door carrying the box without answering. Upon return, he replies, “Sure they are. I just wish they didn’t live in Michigan.”

“You do?” I ask, surprised. “I love the three-day drive. Even northern Arkansas will have pretty autumn trees.”

“No, that happens more in November. Remember the year we drove up there just to see the leaves? It was November.”

I pause and think. “Oh, that’s right. Well, I bet we start seeing some color by the time we’re half-way across Tennessee.”

“Most likely. I love our live oak trees, but they don’t do anything. Just stand there and stay green all year. At least it’s better than West Texas or the Plains. I grew up not knowing a thing about trees and certainly nothing about autumn leaves.”

“Me, too. When I was in grade school, I loved autumn because we got mimeographed pages with different outlines of leaves. I had no idea what kind they were, but I knew to use my orange and yellow and red crayons, because I had seen them in picture books.”

My husband leans his back on the kitchen counter and crosses his arms. “Isn’t it funny? Our son sees those beautiful leaves as nuisances. I guess I’d understand it, though, if I had to rake them all up and dispose of them.”

“I suppose. Oh!” I exclaim happily with my hands clasped under my chin. “I can’t wait to see them! And for three whole weeks.”

He throws his head back and laughs. “What? The grandchildren or the autumn leaves?”

Celia Yeary


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  1. Really cute blog conversation. :) I live in southwestern Pennsylvania and the leaves on one tree on the main road going through this small town have just started to change color. By next week, all the rest of the trees will follow. Fall is SO beautiful here.

    ~Tess Thieler
    Crimson Rosette - "The Stranger Behind the Kiss"

  2. TESS-three years ago, we detoured so we could drive through PA from the east on up to Michigan. Honestly, I'm not just saying this--we were awed by the beauty of the trees and foliage colors. I told my husband--this look like picture postcard photos-perfect.Absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for your comment. Celia

  3. I lived in upstate New York,nearly the Vermont border, for five years, and the one thing that I still miss about that area is 'the colors.' This time of year is absolutely awe-inspiring gorgeous. And I don't care what the scientific explanation is, I like to think the trees do it just for us.

  4. KEENA--I agree-East Texas has beautiful colors because the trees over there are deciduous--but still don't compare. That's a lovely sentiment, that trees "do this just for us." Thank you--Celia

  5. I noticed right off that picture couldn't have been taken in Texas. Have a wonderful time enjoying the scenery and your grandsons.

  6. LINDA--of course you did!! We're so underpriviledged, aren't we? Celia

  7. I know what you mean about heat living here in South Florida. We drive to NC to see the leaves change.
    You and your husband seem to have such a great rapport how wonderful!

  8. Ahhhhhhh, autumn. Living it right now in Michigan, and loving it as always. Such a gorgeous time of the year. Thanks for a lovely post, Celia!

  9. MARY--OH, THANK YOU. I'd love to go to NC and see the leaves there. And dh and I do have great rapport--we enjoy each other's company, which is a good thing, since we've been married before Adam and Eve got together, and now we're retired! Celia

  10. MARIANNE--you live in Michigan? I'm not sure we're going this autumn--so many interferences this year. We do love to be there at Halloween--the three boys--and their parents!! love Halloween and have a grand time with it. Celia

  11. This was great! Hey, if you drive up through PA to MI again, you'll have to let me know and we'll meet for coffee. ;-)

    I lOVE the fall leaves even if we have to rake them. Heck, I like raking them, too. The rustle and the nice exercise and the cool air all together is just hard not to appreciate.