Wednesday, April 14, 2010


What is BLOGMANIA? It's a one day marathon celebration with a cast of thousands! Maybe not thousands, for I have lost the real count, but Lynda Coker knows. Those of us who signed up obviously love our own blogs--I know I do. My blog is my self-expression, my very own personal vehicle to tell the world about something I deem worthy. The tag line "Romance...and a little bit o' Texas" says it all. Everything I write almost always has something to do with Texas. Often, I do have guest authors, and I've learned I truly do love those days. It's like giving a little party and inviting all your friends to drop by and and visit.

Well, BLOGMANIA is patterned after a party. Each participating Blogger, on April 30, from midnight to midnight, will be on stage, waiting for visitors to pop in. If I could, I'd serve some Texas Peach Iced Tea and Texas Star Sugar Cookies. Instead, I'll have a little gift or two to give away--we'll see. Maybe they'll have something to do with Texas!! 

So, mark April 30 on your calendar with BLOGMANIA, and don't miss out on the Web Event of the Year.
See y'all then!

Celia Yeary
Romance…and a little bit o' Texas

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  1. Sounds like fun, Celia, but I was a little confused as to what it was. Is it where one person takes over on their blog at midnight? Are there certain topics?


  2. STEPH--there are many, many bloggers signed up with Lynda Coker for a 24-hour marathon. Each author signed up will post on April 30, saying something to entice visitors to her blog, and each blogger will give away something-more than one thing, maybe to one or more visitor. It's to get exposure--we'll see. Authors who have been connected to her in some way were contacted. I think she put out general announcement, too, but I'm not sure. I got an e-mail. Celia

  3. I missed the cut off by a messily 8 hours and don't get to be a part of it. Bummer.