Friday, April 23, 2010

EARTH DAY-Love in Bloom

To acknowledge Earth Day, I’d like to show you a wonderful place whose goal is to perpetuate the natural wildflowers and vegetation of Texas. Even though it’s also a business operation, the owners tend the fields with love.

The Texas Wildseed Farms claim to be the largest in the nation. I can attest to the fact the place is very big. The site is in the beautiful Hill Country, seven miles east of Fredricksburg, Texas—a German community that decided decades ago to become one of the best arts and crafts towns around (and they succeeded.) The day my husband and I visited the farms, the fields of flowers captured your eye. The main crop that weekend was brilliant red poppies. 
 The center is popular for photographers, both amateur and professional. That day, a lovely bride walked through the Market Center in her gorgeous wedding dress and veil, drawing every eye. The crowd parted as though she were royalty strolling through her subjects, for she smiled and waved. She looked like a woman in love. I hope she held a bouquet of bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush for her wedding photo.

Chuck-Wagon Cooking: A visitor may buy a plate of brisket, mashed potatoes, corn-on-the-cob, and biscuits cooked right there--served with locally made jellies.

As far as the eye could see, fields of wildflowers grew, waiting for the owners to harvest the seed. Seeds of every Texas wildflower imaginable are shipped all over the world.

The Wildseed Farms include several retail areas: a huge nursery, Market Center, Wildflower Seed Store, Live Butterfly Exhibit, the Brewbonnet Biergarten, Mail Order Catalogs, and On-Line Specialty Foods and Gifts. If you’re touring Texas in the Spring, try to include a trip to Fredricksburg and The Wildseed Farms. You’ll love every minute.

Celia Yeary
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  1. oh.... this was soo pretty. I love the fact the bride carried blue bonnets and Indian paint brush. I had a friend from El Paso, she often talked about how they'd carry blue bonnet seeds and when the radio announced it was time to plant people would drive along and empty seed packets along the highway letting the wind do its job. I so want to visit Texas one day soon.


  2. What wonderful pics. Definitely takes me to another place. Everything is so green and fresh. Things are getting pretty green here too (NY) but it's different somehow....

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wonderful, Celia! I love the poppies. The brisket sounds delicious, too! Is it hot or cold?

  4. Hi, Nancy--well, if you do come, choose April--it's our best month.Do not, under any circumstances, visit in August! Thanks for dropping by--Celia

  5. EA--it is different here, sometimes very good, sometimes very bad! Like in August. Thanks for visiting my blog--Cclia

  6. Lindsay--Brisket? any old way is good. Hot with a good barbecue sauce over it, or cold on a sourdough roll, or plain--if it's good over mesquite until very tender, nothing can beat it. Now, I'm hungry. Celia

  7. Hi, Celia! We were at the Wildseed Farms on the 18th of this month. It was my first visit. Beautiful place!

  8. Hi, Linda--it was my first visit, too. And we've driven by it numerous times coming and going from Levelland. Celia

  9. Oh, I wish I was there! I love wildflowers, in general!
    And, the chuckwagon cookin' would have been a real bonus.

  10. Enjoyed the virtual trip! Looks beautiful :-)

  11. Celia, what lovely pictures. They really helped the capture the flavor of Earth Day. Thanks so much for sharing. Red poppies rock.