Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Creative Blog Award!

Greetings! My lovely friend and author, Diane Craver, presented this dubious award to me! Yes, I am a creative writer, but a liar? Oh, not, not me!
I thank Diane for thinking of me, though, while searching for her recipients. You may find her here: Diane Craver. I have nominated a few other worthy friends. If your name is below, copy the award and place it on your own blog with this information: List the person who named you (that would be me!), add a link back to my blog, and pass it on to several friends--six will do, or more if you wish.
To determine how good I am at lying--uh, writing creatively--choose one of the following statements I have made about myself that you believe is the lie--uh, created statement.
1. I climbed a pyramid in Mexico.
2. I have found a twenty dollar bill--twice.
3. I am an Honorary Colonel in the U.S. Army ROTC.
4. I performed in four melodramas.
5. I once worked as a baker in a pie shop.
6. I was my church's pianist from ninth grade until graduation.
7. I have won four golf trophies.
8. I have fired an AK-47.
9. I talked to Michael Caine in an Old Navy store.
10. All the males in my family have Ph.D.s

NOTE-if you guess correctly, I will post your name, your website and blog, and the title and cover of your newest release on my next blog.

With great delight, I pass this award on to the following bloggers:
Allannah Lynne
Barbara Edwards
Caroline Clemmons
K. Dawn Byrd
Anne Patrick
Tina Pinson

Thank you for visiting--
Celia Yeary
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  1. Wow, Celia, you are very creative. Tough choices. I think that you never baked in a pie shop. I'm going to be interested to hear which one is your creative whopper. LOL

  2. Yeah, yeah, I got one too. But you made it fun. I still don't know what to do with it. Clever!'Good idea, can I steal it?
    :0) Mary

  3. Celia, I love your experiences. It's hard to determine which one is the fabrication. I'm going to say #8. It's hard for me to believe sweet Celia has fired a machine gun. :D

  4. I think you're fibbing about the four golf trophies.

  5. Ohh.. I'm guessing number 4 is not true. Hard to tell, though, since you've had such a varied life!

  6. Celia, this is a toughie, Sweetie. My guess - you're fibbing about performing in 4 melodramas. I say it was only 3. hehe


  7. Wow, Celia, you are good at fibbing. I don't have clue which one is false.

    I'll go with #5, however.

  8. Celia, I think #10 may be a trick statement, as all the males in your family are not old enough to have PhDs. Had you said "men" instead of "males" it would probably be true. But I know for a fact three of them aren't in college yet. I'd bet you've done all the rest of those interesting things! Linda

  9. Well, I keep switching my mind but I'm going to say #10 isn't true. Your list is definitely tricky.

    Thanks for playing!

  10. Celia, Thanks for passing along the award. I'm going to go with #10 as the lie. Some of these are so fantastic, that I envy you if only one is a lie!

  11. Celia, I am trying to remember your previous blogs and bio. I think 4 is the wrong one.