Saturday, May 29, 2010


Greetings from San Marcos, Texas
…and welcome to the Western Swing Festival on the courthouse square!
The gathering has grown each year, and it’s always great fun. Several Western Swing Bands play during the day and evening, and while visitors roam around or sit in the audience, they continue to perform and provide pure Texas entertainment. Old songs, new songs, all played with guitars, drums, keyboard, and fiddles, and sung by artists worthy of a Nashville stage.

Dozens of exhibits showed us life in the Nineteenth Century, from chuck wagon cooking to blacksmithing. Vendors offered beautiful, enticing arts and crafts—wonderful custom handmade wooden crafts, gorgeous sterling silver jewelry, lovely handmade jewelry from beads, appealing candles, beautiful handmade bags, and a plethora of other offerings. Food vendors offered barbecue plates, catfish plates, Mexican chalupas or tostados, hamburgers, and hot dogs.

One of the best activities at the festival was meeting friends and neighbors, stopping to visit, and moving on until we run into someone else—all the while listening to the music. These gentlemen must know each other, because they were having a lively conversation.

Two-Stepping to a good old country western song, complete with strumming guitars, a fine fiddle, and a young woman singing her heart out. This couple knows how it’s done, and they know the proper attire. How about a little Boot-Scootin’ Boogie next?

 Two lovely women I became acquainted with—both True Grits (Girls Raised in Texas). Love the pink boots! They were both so cute, I had to show them off!

For the finale, I present a Blue Heeler named Skidboot, who is a descendent of the original Skidboot. This dog has a real personality. The original Skidboot, which died about three years ago, appeared on Oprah, won first prize in a national talent show and earned his owner $25,000, and was the subject of one segment of a program titled “Texas Hill Country Reporter.” I’d love for you to watch this video—it will brighten your day.  

Thank you for visiting! Y’all come back, now, you hear?
 Celia Yeary
Romance…and a little bit o' Texas

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  1. Hey, Celia. I'm pleased to be your first visitor today. This looks like a happy crowd. Lots of music, dancing, fine food and fellowship. Who could ask for more?
    A real American holiday, Texas style. You are a very good ambassador for your state.

  2. Thanks, Linda--my huband took the photos--he's pretty good. Yours picks and mine shoots. Celia

  3. Cute picture of the two ladies (my daughter Amanda would love the pink boots) and other pictures are so good too. Looks like the festival is lots of fun.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great day today!

  4. Celia, thanks so much for sharing. It almost reminds me of the Strawberry Festival without the strawberries.

    Great pictures! I thought they really captured the flavor of the festival. I love seeing the old fashioned way that places do something - those would be my favorite exhibits. And like Diane, I got a tickle out of the pink boots.

    Enjoy the festival!

  5. Looks like a wonderful time! I used to Two Step and BS Boogie. ;-)

  6. Yee-ha! Let the party begin. It all sounds like so much fun, Celia. Wish I was there with you, shooting pictures and taking it all in.

  7. Lovely pictures. Thank you for sharing your Texas, Celia.

  8. Makes me want to come right over!

  9. Boy am I missing some fun!!!
    Gonna go watch the video, love the pics and blog today Celia!

  10. DIANE--Cowboy boots come and go here. The festival is fun--one of those low-key things where you can do something or just hang out. Celia

  11. Thanks, Book Spa pals--Steph, Loraine, Maggie, Mona,and Liana--wish you'd been there. Celia

  12. MARY--I hope you like the video--it's great, I promise. Celia

  13. Aw, Celia, the video made me cry because I know that wonderful dog has passed away. I'm glad there's a Skidboot 2. I didn't know about the festival, but will mark it down for next year. Sounds like fun. We have the Parker County Peach Festival in July, but it's usually too hot to enjoy. Great post.

  14. Your post brings back memories! My husband and I lived in San Angelo, TX for three years while he was in the Air Force. We loved it there.

  15. CAROLINE--yes, I know--N. texas can be brutal in July. Well, okay, all of Texas is. Spring is a good time for festivals, but with peaches, a festival has to be when they ripen. Yes, that dog passed away, but there are more. Skidboot has a website- Google it--but it's out of date by a few years. It's all about a litter of puppies from Skidboot, and let me tell you, dog lovers would go crazy over those little fat cuties. Celia

  16. MAEVE--well, thank you. I appreciate your visiting.Glad you had good memories in SA. Celia

  17. Oh Celia, I luvs! Skidboot. I saw him on Oprah. I'm glad there are more of his offspring.
    Of course, I have to say I love my cuties more... but Skidboot is right up there.

    The pics are great. Your husband has a good eye. Like Stephanie I love observing the old-fashioned way of doing things. Actually everything about the festival looks fun. Wish I was there.

    Thanks for sharing!

  18. Celia - how fun! And right up your alley. I went to this lots of times, loved it. Remind me when it is next year, and I'll pull out my boots and mosey on down for the weekend!

  19. SAVANNA--I'm glsd you liked the Skidboot video. At the festival, the guy had two blue heelers, descendents of ol' Skidboot, and both were trained the same way. He was putting on a real show for us--about 20 people--I couldn't walk away, it was so good. One thing he did--opened a box of doggie treats and told us--He loves treats, but he has to know if the ingredients are good for him" He gave the dog one and told him to hold it til her read the box. He'd read something and look at the dog, and the dog just sat, finally, he got to the end of the ingredients, and told the dog, I think it's okay. dog gobbled it up. Celia

  20. Nikki--hey! Yes, come next year. Hope to see you soon at M&J! The three of us are meeting tomorrow. Love you--Celia