Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hello, Las Vegas!

Okay, I admit it--I have nothing writerly to say today. My husband took me to Sin City for my birthday, and while we're not the sort to go wild and crazy, we did have a wonderful time. Actually, we had lots of fun! Just the two of us.
Here I am in an Undisclosed Location. Want to guess where I am?

The Strip was super busy. Approximately one-half of all twenty-somethings in the U.S. and Japan descended upon the casinos with much exuberance and hilarity. Where do they get the money to play Blackjack and those other games I can never remember? Oh, that was a foolish question, wasn't it?

I love to walk through the Forum Shops, but only to window shop and stay cool. No way can I buy anything in there. It's all so pretty, though.

Water is everywhere around and in the casinos, forming water falls, small streams, pools, and shooting fountains. As we walked around--in 108 degree weather (what were we thinking?), we remarked that we often got a whiff of something that smelled a little too much like a sewer. It finally occurred to me that the water is Reclaimed Water--from the sewage plants. I'm glad they're not using fresh water for showing off.
And now......
A good-looking guy followed me around, eveywhere I went! I wondered, what does he see in me, anyway? He was very attentive, kind, generous, thoughtful, and sweet. I stopped him once and said, "Look, mister, I'm a Senior Citizen, I have silver hair (like it?), and I'm not exactly voluptuous. What's the deal, here?" He answered, "Honey, you've been out in the 108 degree weather too long. Let me take you back to the hotel. You need a cold drink and a nice nap in the air conditioning." Hmmm, he was right. That nap sure was nice.

Now we're back home and I'm my old self again. I found 243 messages, even though I had changed eight loops to Special Notice Only. I had galley corrections to make quickly, because I tripped off on a vacation without a computer. Another publisher needs my information sheets--as in yesterday! I have two releases Wednesday (I hope) and I have not done one thing to tell anyone about them. "Oh, well, I'll worry about that later, for tomorrow is another day."
   Celia Yeary
August 29, 2010


  1. HI Celia,
    I am seriously envious of your trip, but not in 108 degree weather. LOL
    So glad you had a nice get away. And blogging about non-writing is a nice change once in a while.

  2. Hi Celia,
    Happy belated birthday! The pics are beautiful. Looks like you had a great time.

    Morgan Mandel

  3. Celia, oh how you brought back memories. Bob and I lived in Vegas for several months and went to the casinos every Sunday evening for dinner and to play the slots. And I loved that 100+ temp. because it was so dry. Our apt. in Green Valley had a lovely pool and you know what? The water was absolutely frigid because of a lack of humidity. Stayed about 60d. all summer. Glad you had a happy time. You made memories.

  4. 108F? No, I don't think so. But there again the heating has just switched itself on (16C min) because we have had a storm thru reminiscent of November. Who switched the months??

    Great pics, Celia, and wonderful news to come back to.

  5. Sounds delicious, Celia! I never thought I'd find vegas attractive but you make it sound a peach!

    Good luck with the releases and galleys!

  6. I LOVE Vegas! My husband and have been there twice. I'm glad you had such a great trip.

  7. Celia, glad you had a nice touch of R&R. We all need it occasionally. Can't wait for your new books.

  8. Celia-- I am so glad you had a good time with your honey. How romantic. This is the kind of vacations my husband absolutely loves, but I can't get him away from the casino tables and we end up arguing or I go shoping.

    Happy belated Birthday.

  9. I've always wanted to visit Sin City so your post today satisfied my longing just a bit. I love to play the slots but always limit myself on how much I can spend. Your hubby sounds like a real sweetheart! Glad you had a wonderful birthday. Late wishes to you!

  10. Ah Celia, so glad you had a great time! I've been wanting to get out to Vegas for years since I have friends there and I've never seen it. Some day.

    The water smells like sewer? Ugh!

  11. Celia,
    It sounds like you had a blast. Thanks so much for sharing with us! My guess is Treasure Island, but I could be wrong.

    That's why I'm hooked on bottled water. *grin*

    There is so much going on in the Strip. Glad you had a chance to visit.


  12. Sounds like you were busy, but had fun doing it. Who wouldn't have fun with some handsome man trailing you around. Did your hubby know? LOL

    Always nice to get away from the grind for awhile.


  13. Sounds like you had a lovely break, but crikey, that's hot! I've just been away too, in France, near to Limoge - beautiful. My only complaint? It wasn't for long enough! But it's great to get away for a while. Glad you had fun! :)

    Jane x