Sunday, January 22, 2012

What I Did In Church Today When My Mind Wandered

Today in church, we had a double blessing--the baptisms of two babies. These little ones are close to the same age...about five months old. Just adorable, both of them. Both sets of parents had numerous family with them, so the entire service was joyous and uplifting.
One baby was a beautiful, black-haired angel, a little girl, and the other was a sandy-haired little hunk, a little boy. The female wore a white lace dress and white lace bonnet, and the boy wore little dress-up pants and shirt.
Ah, so what did my writer's brain do during the process? I wrote a romance novel, of course. Forward, oh, say about 25 years and they are in love. Certainly, they have been their entire lives, having been reared together, attending the same nursery, then the same Sunday School classes, youth group, and young adult class.

And now, I see them standing before the altar, she with her "raven" black hair and he with his dark blonde hair, both dressed for their wedding.
Stop! I cannot move them right into matrimony. Every couple must go through the fire, so to speak, and emerge strong and determined that no one or no earthly entity can break them apart.

Hmmm, what conflict can I hoist upon them? Every romance novel must have a huge conflict between the two prospective lovers. Right? The service ended before I moved very far along with my outline.
You can be sure, though, that my story will be: Girl meets boy at Baptismal font in their diapers and baby clothes and fall in love; Boy loses Girl, maybe due to something stupid he did, or maybe an outside force tore them apart; and then Boy gets Girl back, and they Live Happily Ever After.

Writing a romance novel is so easy, a child can do it. Right? I bet you've heard that many times-- a romance novel plot is just too simplistic. Oh, but the fun of it all is creating a scenario that will push them apart, and then find an emotional, satisfying way to bring them together at the end.
I can hardly wait to begin my next novel.

So, what are you working on?
Celia Yeary-Romance...and a little bit 'o Texas


  1. I love it. Super use of a wonderful ceremony in their lives.

  2. I love it. We just can't help ourselves, can we? Surely God doesn't mind since he gave us the ability to create these stories.

  3. Celia--don't confess this to your pastor. He may not forgive the sin of writing a novel during his service. Although I have to admit I wrote some scenes during the long homilies. LOL

  4. Oh, Celia, I love it. You must write it. A wise lady like yourself could be a delightful secondary character in the story. Perhaps the one who helps them find their way back to each other.

  5. This was too funny, yet so true. glad I'm not the only one who's mind is not always on the sermon. :}

  6. When my daughter was 6, we moved to Germany for two years and she had two little German "boy friends." I've often thought about seeing if I could write a book where she meets one of them as an adult.

    I'd love to read your "baby romance" story!

  7. I am so glad you used your time in church so efficiently, Celia. ;)

    I have just started my fifth story and wrote a blog over at From the Heart about how I hate to bring pain to my dearest characters. I don't like conflict and just cannot understand why we have to make their lives miserable. I think that is why once I start a story I must rush through finishing it so I can see them happily ever after. SIGH Isn't love just grand!?

  8. Oh, Celia, I love it! You can find inspiration anywhere can't you? Melting...

    Andrew was 6 months old when we baptized him. All he did was cry and fuss throughout. Even spit out his binky!

    Joseph was 3 months old when we baptized him. No fussing. He didn't even use binkys. Joseph was a big baby. The priest couldn't find his neck. Then Joseph fell asleep.


  9. I'm so pleased to know others have a mind somewhat like mine! :) When I share these thoughts with my teen daughters they look at me like, "Are you insane" HA. This was great fun to read, thanks for sharing.

    I'm working on a follow up to my FLIGHT OF LITTLE DOVE book, a historical romance. Just doing revisions before submitting.

    All the best,
    Ruth G. Zavitsanos

  10. It's true inspiration is everywhere, Celia! But the process of fleshing out that story can be pure torture. My new release had to go through two very involved revisions before it was deemed fit to publish. And a lot of changes had to be made in the process. It took nearly a year. And this was after the six months it took to plot out and write the story in the first place. So, romance stories aren't easy and formulaic. They take a lot of work!

  11. Celia, will this plot be your first Inspy? It very well could be. How about a war to separate them? And he comes home to find her engaged to someone else. No, wait, that's my story. I'm sure you'll have a headful of ideas for yourself. Happy writing. Sounds like another winner. Linda

  12. I think it's great when you see, hear or think something that triggers an idea for a story, and you've summed it up perfectly - boy meets girl, they fall in love, something gets in the way and they then struggle to find a way back to each other and reach their 'happy ending'. What a wealth of different stories we romance writers can conjure up from that very basic 'plot'!

  13. Hi, to everyone! Sorry for a mass reply, but my day has been haywire.

    I laughed all of us, because we all do the same thing--see or watch something interesting, and immediately begin to make up stories. I just couldn't help it when I watched these two precious babies. My goodness, they are gorgeous.
    In real life, they'll probably never know one another--people move, etc. But someone will remember, and have photos and think about how beautiful the two were.

    Thanks so much for reading. This blog keeps me entertained almost more than anything I do.

  14. You are the writer standard--every event presents a story premise. This was a particularly good one. Can't wait to see how you put your twist on it.

  15. I don't think it's a sin to use God's blessing anywhere, who do you think our inspiration comes from? God himself. He gave us the gift and intended us to use it. Someone once asked me, why do you write romance?
    My answer is this, "What can be better than spreading love."
    Love and blessings

  16. What a cute idea, Celia! I'm impressed with the photos and you imagination. Maggie

  17. LOL - I do the same thing sometimes - my mind wanders during the church service and I get writing ideas.

    Great and fun post, Celia. Beautiful pic of the babies.

  18. Thank you, Sarah--you are quite generous. I'm thinking, thinking...

    Hi, Rita--you're exactly right. I like the idea of "spreading love" by our writing. Yes, I think our inspiration does come from outside us.

    Thanks for coming by, Maggie--you are so busy, yet always support your friends. Thanks, buddy.

    Diane--I try to pay attention in church, but sometimes I sort of zone out. You do understand.