Monday, April 30, 2012

What Did I Win?

The romance group called "Authors by Moonlight" holds a monthly give-away. I actually didn't know that, but I commented on a post and my name was thrown in the pot. And lucky me! I was the winner for March.
What did I get? A $25 Gift Certificate for Barnes and Noble! Since I have a Kindle instead of a Nook, I was actually thrilled. Now I could get all three prints at once of a series by one of my favorite authors--Linda Lael Miller.
I love prints! And I collect and save certain authors' books. Linda Lael Miller is one of them.

The series is a trilogy about the three McKettrick brothers. The titles are:
McKettrick's Heart--Keegan McKettrick oversees his family's corporation and worries about his young daughter whom he rarely sees, and Molly Shields makes him suspicious of her goals.

McKettrick's Luck--Jesse McKettrick, world class poker player, loves the thrill of taking a risk, but when it comes to the Triple M Ranch, he refuses to take the gamble beautiful Cheyenne Bridges offers.

McKettrick's Pride-Rance McKettrick wants a fresh start with his two young daughters away from Indian Rock, his hometown, but Echo Wells makes the decision difficult.

What could be better?
My sincere thanks and admiration of the Moonlight Authors:
Sherry James
Tiffany Green
Fleeta Cunningham
Ann Stephens
Calisa Rhose
Beth Trissel
Francesca Hawley
Linda LaRoque
L.K. Below
Debra St. John
Beth Caudill
Patricia A. Rasey
You can find these authors at their beautiful website:

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  1. Congratulations Celia. I haven't read these books.

  2. How nice to win something and get to buy 3 favorite stories with it. :)

  3. Celia, congrats on the win! It's always nice to treat yourself. I love the name of their blog, "Authors by Moonlight." hehe


  4. Celia, I'm so glad you enjoyed the e-card! Linda Lael Miller is always a good choice -- I know what you mean about wanting print copies of some writers. :)

  5. Congrats, Celia. Great buys with the gift certificate! Congrats and thank you for the wonderful mention on your blog!


  6. How very cool, Celia. I have "keeper" authors too. There's nothing better than to have that book to pull out whenever you want it. The e-readers are nice and convenient, but there are times when only a print book will do.

  7. Congrats, Celia! So glad you enjoyed your prize.

    Linda Lael Miller is one of my favorite authors, too. I really love her vampire trilogy!


  8. Congrats on your prize! I've 'won' three books in the last week, but don't know when I'll manage to read them all, as I have so many TBR books on my Kindle.

    You might be interested to know that it was Linda L-M who encouraged me to start writing fiction again - met her in 2008 on a week-long Civil War battlefield tour in VA, MD and PA and, at the time, had no idea who she was!