Saturday, June 2, 2012

Promotion, Marketing, Selling...What's Your Style

Recently, the subject of our style of marketing comes up often. What is "Style?" Do you have one? If so, what is it? And is it honest?
We want the reading public to recognize our style, our unique way of marketing or promoting--same thing, I suppose. But what is it? And do you have one that is distinctive?
I'm not sure we can know if we do or not, but I'm willing to bet others do.
It's your Personality. Period. Don't be anyone except yourself. Don't try to emulate anyone else. Just be you, and your "style" will be obvious.
How and where do we market? A personal blog, a group blog, FaceBook, Twitter, guest spots on other blogs, articles, and...what else? Book trailers, video interviews, and Yahoo groups.

Still, each one of us could do something on all of these venues, and guess what? Each one would be different.

Here are a few author's styles I recognize--but don't know personally--from FaceBook:

~*~A little goofy, funny, never coarse, always sexy, witty, talks about everyday things. Titles are short with similar sounds. One series has titles that are phrases in well-known songs. If you asked about one of her books, she might say, "That would take all day, because you know me...I'd never shut up. Why don't you go to Amazon and read the blurb? I will say I think you'll love this one." Romance with family members as main characters, very sensual, from main street to the boardroom, contemporary.

~*~Sweet, kind, says little, doesn't talk about herself, sticks mostly to business, you know she is always smiling, and if you asked about one of her books, she might say, "Oh, I'd love to tell you. But tell me about your family, first. How're they doing?" Romance, sweet to sensual, stories with real life problems, very little back-story, love at its best.

~*~Talkative, understands where you're coming from, exciting, excited, always enthused, very smart, honest, helpful, and if you asked her about one of her books, she might reply, "Oh! I thought you'd never ask! Do you like the cover? I just love it! I want you to read this one. Let me give it to you. But I have another you might like, too." Romance, high sexual tension, hard-hitting, recognizable theme. Contemporary, Historical.

~*~Tells humorous tales about happenings in her life, doesn't mix business with her anecdotal stories, has a good heart, generous, you know she would give the shirt off her back to you, understanding of life's problems, takes things in stride, doesn't mix in politics or religion, and if you asked about her books, she might say, " Wow. You're interested in one of my books? I am so thrilled." Romance, murder, small town, Southern, high tension, serious with wit and a little sarcasm. Contemporary.

~*~Outrageous, funny, only a little coarse, not always happy, loves to use photos of herself, tells about her books very briefly and moves on, talks about objects rather than people, and if you asked about her books, she might say, "Good grief, lady, look them up on Amazon. I don't have all day." Contemporary, hot.

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  1. Love the post, Celia. We must've been on the same wave length. I wrote on a similar line a couple days ago!

    I'm always in awe with those authors who can dip their toes in all the angles of promotion and marketing.

    Love how you tied the post up with real life (shielded) examples!

  2. Great post, Celia - which made me start thinking about my 'style', and wondering if I actually HAVE a style? Apart from simply being me, LOL!

  3. Good essay, Celia. The examples exactly make the point. We are who we are, and you fool no one by trying to be someone else.

  4. I love that you said personality has a large part to play in an author's promoting style. Wonderful examples of author styles, too...especially the one about being funny and interested in others. I find those endearing qualities and would purchase books from a generous and humorous author than one with a self-involved, self-important one.
    Some good points to condider in my own style (which I have yet to figure out.)

  5. Celia, good post. I have wondered how to describe my stle and voice. I guess Frank Sinatra said it best: "I did it my way." No, while we can write our way, we can't completely do promotion our way can we? My way for promotion would be to let someone else do it for me. LOL As the song goes, "Girls just want to have fun." Fun for me is writing.

  6. A.R. YOu did? I can't keep it up endlessly, and like you, I'm astounded by the amount of promoting some do.I often feel like I'm intruding on others' time and space, but that's the way it is. We must.
    The examples? I know more than one person will think one of those is her/him. But they'd be wrong--I'm sure no one could guess who my examples really are!

  7. Paula--we all have a style. And yes, it's you being you....I can picture sitting down with you over a glass of sweet iced tea--in Texas--or whatever it is you drink when it's hot outside--and talking about our kids, our lives, food, our childhood. In other words, you are a comfort person--no one in the entire world would feel uncomfortable or shy around you. That's your style!
    And by the way--I finished Changing the Future last night, with my eyelids propped open. I was determined to get to the conclusion before I turned off the light. Such a good story--I'll get a review up on Amazon very soon.

  8. true. Maybe it's best if you don't really understand our own style. I'm afraid we might try to change!

  9. Sarah? Me, too. I look for the things authors say and how they say the words. That tells me a lot about the person, and if I'd care whether I read her book or not.
    It's funny--One author on FB was the role model for two friends here who tried to write like she did and get published with the same publisher. Neither succeeded, and quit very quickly, but they talked about her in such glowing terms.
    I met her on FB and told her this story--she's going through a really long process of taking care of her mother. She loved it--and said it made her feel so much better about herself.
    But her FB posts are so good--plain every day things--but very interesting.

  10. Caroline--Yeah, me, too! I'd love for someone else to do this for me. You definitely would be the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun kind!

  11. Celia, just a word here to check my Goodgle acct. I'll comment later!

  12. I never thought about a style of promotion. Like Carolyn, I wish I could have someone do it for me. Now for writing it's different. I think I write hot romance with deep emotion and a sprinkle of huumor. Wish I could promote the same way.

  13. Mona--well, don't we all? You have the perfect combination for plots, in my opinion. But we can't exactly have styles or personalities like those characters we create. I can make a character witty and funny, but I'm not like that in real life. Oh, how I wish!

  14. Gosh, I never think about my promotional style. I'm always feeling guilty about promo because I could be doing so much more. I'm just tickled I finally got a writing style that's recognizable.

    There's a certain chatty style that works well on FB and Twitter. I admire those who do it well - like you!

  15. Thanks, Maggie--it's about all I can do--be Chatty Cathy.
    You definitely have a recognizable writing style. When I was writing my examples of authors I watched on FB, one turned out to be like you. I thought you might read it and say...she's really talking about me. Well, it's defintely how I'd write about you, but it's someone else. If you're curious, I can tell you who the author is.

  16. I'm back. Loved the topic today. It took me a while to find my voice in writing and I'm not sure I have a style since I dabble in so many genres. I think maybe plain-jane or no frills would fit. Linda

  17. Celia, you've totally sussed me out, that is exactly what it would be like if we met, talking about everything! Not sure whether I ought to apologise for 'Changing the Future' keeping you awake, or being delighted that it did LOL. Thanks so much for reading it, and I'll look forward to your review! Million thanks!

  18. Linda--you are anything but Plain Jane. I see your style as a quiet sophisticate who write blogs, etc. that seem literary, but there's always that bit of wry humor to keep the reader interested. And interested, we are.
    Everyone has a style...whether we can recognize it or not.
    Thanks for returning.....

  19. My style..........hmmm......I guess I never really thought aboutit that much, but I'm sure I have one. Jessica was over here yesterday to help me re-vamp my website, asking me all sorts of pesky questions about my style, what my writing has in common (the ontemporary and the historical) and such. I felt like a big ol' third grade girl trying to answer questions I didn't know. LOL I think she finally just gave up. She was trying to relate style to branding. I was dumb. She worked her voodoo and went to Nicholas Sparks' website and voila. I understood. Looking at his website, and the way it ties in with his covers (historical AND contemporary, no less!) and having read two of his books (and refusing to ever read another one or see another one of his movies!)it all clicked perfectly. But how to relate it back to me? I still don't know what MY style is. Very thought provoking post, Celia.

  20. I've never thought about this before. It's an interesting post and, Oh My, I found myself in there. It's like walking into someone's house and finding your picture on their shelf.

  21. Very interesting concept, Celia. Don't have a clue what my style is. Now off to put my thinking cap on.

    I get so tired of thinking about this biz!

  22. Cheryl--it's difficult, I believe, to describe your own style. I couldn't describe myself, either, unless the question really was about our brand. It's not exactly the same thing.

    Someone else could write the same stories you do, but when the time came to promote and talk about your work, you and this other person would do it in an entirely different way, with different sounding posts and answers to questions, and how you talk on FB.
    That's about as clear as I can make it.
    Trust me--you have a style--and it's very evident and very YOU.

  23. Sandra--oh, you did? You found yourself in there? Interesting! This proves that we have twins in this world! I'm glad you like it!

  24. Lynne--oh, we're all tired, aren't we? Promoting and marketing really gets old. I look forward to the fall when we drive to MI--3 day drive--and stay a while. During that time, even though I have my computer, I don't feel obligated to do anything. It's nice to have that freedom from it.

    Your style? Don't worry about it--you have one--it just comes natural. If you ever tried to act like someone else, you'd know it felt wrong because it wouldn't be you.

  25. HI Celia,

    Fun and engaging post! It's difficult to juggle so mant irons, but the pay offs are worth a few burns!

    I've learned so much in the few years I've writing and I owe a heap of thanks to blogs like yours. Thank you!

  26. Sarah--you are too generous--which is part of your personality! No way could you learn anything from me...I consider you a real pro.

  27. If I didn't have a styole before I'm certainly sure I'll have one from now on!

  28. Celia, nice post and a good point. Our books should reflect us. Our marketing style should reflect our books. Yes, some will be turned off by our marketing style, which is okay because they're likely not to appreciate our books for what they are if they don't appreciate us for what they are. A good thing to remember! You can't please everyone...

    I think I have my style nailed: straight-forward, serious, but with some humor and playfulness thrown in and stirred by nature, and I'd rather you ask those who have read my books about them than to ask me. They'll be much more generous. ;-)

  29. Jenny--oh, you have one! I don't know you well enough to recognize it really well, but when you post or say something, it has a certain ring to it...oh, boy, is it difficult to explain.
    Whatever, your real personality will come through whether you want it to or not!

  30. LK--I think you did a pretty good job of describing yourself. Probably your readers could try to describe your personality, but they might not be able to. Your's is a little more subtle and well-thought out than most others...but it is recognizable.
    I think it's wonderful when readers like the author first and then check out her books. That's the beauty of FB.