Saturday, January 5, 2013


This phrase has been used many times. Some dieticians believe if we eat dessert first, we won't eat so much of the entire meal. Therefore, a person can lose weight using this method. This pretty much astounded me, because sugar is the main cause for adding pounds.

But let's not go there.

I Googled the question, "Should we eat dessert first?" I found no true answers except "Life is short--enjoy the good things first."

At first glance, this doesn't seem like the greatest idea in the world, and a little depressing, but I believe the phrase does carry a deeper meaning. That meaning is probably different to each person.

How do you feel about this concept?

Consider this: In elementary school, what did we do as soon as we got to school? We sure didn't have recess first. Our teachers placed us in our rows of desks, and we began working right away. After a couple of hours of toiling over numbers or letters, we were rewarded with recess. Suppose we had recess at the beginning of each day? Then, we'd have nothing to look forward to except school work.

My dear sister-in-law lives in an assisted living facility. When she sits down to eat, if the dessert is beside her plate she'll push the plate back and move the dessert forward. Nurses have the tendency to say, "No, no, eat your meal first." Her family replies, "What's the harm? Let her do what she wants to." I love this attitude for the elderly. Let her eat dessert first.

A lady I know in town said they eat dessert first when they eat out. The reason--just to enjoy a treat first--a little present for themselves. When we eat out, the waiter/waitress always asks at the end of the meal: "Did you save room for dessert?" No, never. However, I have eaten lunch out with friends, and instead of that standard salad or soup or sandwich, I only have dessert. Why not?

I wonder, as busy as we all are, if we stick to the same mundane routine day after day we will soon become burned out. Why not close the computer, get a bowl of ice cream or a cup of hot chocolate, kick back in your recliner and read a book?

Why not treat yourself once in a while? My generation--certainly not Generation X, because mine goes back just a little bit further--was taught to do chores before playing. We had to dress and make our beds before coming to the breakfast table. We had to dry the dishes before playing.

Now that I'm older, I don't feel guilty when I let something go. In my late twenties, I worked on a four-year degree while being a wife and a mommy. During the day at school, my mind was only on classes because I knew my children were cared for or in school, too. When I arrived home with books and study assignments, those were put aside. My children, my husband, and the housework came first. At night, when everyone else went to bed, I sat at the dining room table in our small West Texas house, spread my books and papers out, and worked and studied, often until two or three am. I had to. There was simply no time to treat myself. During this time, my husband worked two jobs, often sixteen hours a day. Of course, he had little downtime, too, but he could go to sleep at a decent hour.

At this moment thirty minutes before lunch, a pie I baked this morning sits on the stove. It's a buttermilk/coconut pie, and the smell of the sugar, vanilla, and toasted coconut is driving me crazy. We'll have a snack of peanut butter and crackers and a banana. But first, I'll cut a thin slice of that pie and eat it right there at the stove. I cannot resist.

Anyway, I have learned very well how to kick back and make myself happy. Really, I'm very good at it.

Do you ever eat dessert first? Or just have dessert for lunch? Try it if you haven't--it won't hurt you.

And your day may be just a little brighter.

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  1. Celia, that's a great idea. My sister in the nursing home wants to eat dessert first, too. I think since we were raised to eat our meal first, she always eats a couple of bites of other things, but then she goes right for the dessert. When you are in a nursing home, really, what difference does it make? She's actually the one in our family who DOESN'T have diabetes. LOL Great post, as always!

  2. Why shouldn't we treat ourselves? I think as a mom I tend to focus on treating my son, taking care of the details, making sure there's something nice for my husband when he gets home... I tend to sweep myself under the rug. If we don't treat ourselves, we often won't get treated!

  3. I have eaten dessert first, several times. And I have been known to eat waffles at dinnertime instead of a meal. Just because I wanted a treat.

    I think eveyone needs breaks in their routines. I must be due for one right about... now!

    ps nice pics:)

  4. I agree, Celia, as you knew I would. My sister once baked a chocolate pie, her favorite, while my niece was at school and her husband was at work. She said she just had to have a slice, so she ate one. Then she wanted another, which is not at all like her. She said one was so good that soon she'd eaten half the pie. She said she couldn't let my niece and brother-in-law know she'd pigged out so she ate the rest of the pie, washed the plate, and put it away. ☺ You'd have to know her to know how surprising this is. But why not treat ourselves once in while? Sometimes, my daughter and I will go out for dessert because we can't eat a dessert after a full meal.

  5. Hi Celia:

    I think it is a matter of what would make the total meal taste better and produce the best eating experience. If desert first does that, then so be it. My grandfather used to say: “It all goes down the same pipe.” I think we should think this over. Do you really want people to read your HEA first? Go to Wal-Mart and you’ll often see a woman reading the HEAs before buying the book. I just bet that woman eats desert first. : )


  6. Cheryl--Sure, why not? What's the harm? As I get older, I find more ways to make myself happy without spending a lot of money. However, too much sugar does make me feel a little sick. I have to go light on it--it's a good thing, too.

  7. Patty--most moms are made that way. One of my friends had five small children and she always said she never knew if she'd eaten an entire meal or not. Plus, she usually just ate what the children left on their plate.
    A mom who gets free time for herself is a happier mom. So, please...treat yourself!

  8. Maggie--I've never eaten waffles for dinner, but it sounds like the right thing to do!
    Thanks for the tip about the Microsoft photos. I felt completely free of guilt using those.

  9. Caroline--that is the funniest story! But eating a whole pie--I'd be sick, for sure.
    I, too, like to go out just for dessert. It always tastes better if I'm note full.

  10. Vince--you say the funniest things...while making a great point. I didn't think of that...reading the end of the book first is like eating dessert first. Some people do, for sure. I can't imagine doing that. And the Wal-Mart women reading the HEAs-no further comment!
    And your grandfather's saying? That, too, is funny...but yes,true.
    Thanks for visiting.

  11. Great post, Celia. I've been looking forward to it ever since you mentioned the topic. When I go out to eat, I always look at the dessert menu first, decide what to have, then order the other items to save room for it! I once had a friend who said she bought a pound of chocolates when she had a craving and ate the whole thing at once because she knew her body couldn't absorb it all at one time, thus she would not gain as much weight. She was rather thin. 'Nuff said.

  12. Having dessert first sounds like a plan to me. I agree with those one ever saves room for dessert. Often at a restaurant I'll plan my meal based on what's available for dessert...if the desserts look good, I'll have something 'simpler' for lunch.

    With so many Christmas cookies lurking around the house, I've eaten cookies for breakfast quite often lately.


  13. Yes, I've often ate dessert firt. And I've often had a huge ice cream for lunch. And sometimes, at night I'd rather have only fruits for dinner.

  14. Okay, I'll admit it, I don't actually like desserts! Strange but true, I really don't like squishy or gooey sweet things, so eating dessert first wouldn't appeal to me at all! When we have a buffet supper at my 'seniors club' I tend to go for seconds of the savory food, and bypass the sweet stuff. But I agree that we all need to treat ourselves from time to time.

  15. Linda--yes, I know you check out the dessert first. In retaurants, I love to look at the dessert menu--everything looks so good and pretty--but I never have room for it.
    If I ate an entire pound of chocolates, I'd be very sick. We do eat a little sweet something every night.People can't believe we eat our big meal at night, and have dessert, and still sleep well.
    Thank you for visiting with me today!

  16. Debra--You and Linda Swift do the same thing, then. That's a great way to treat yourself.
    Oh, I know--I ate all the cookies first--our daughter makes all kinds at Christmas and she gives us a box of assorted ones. Now we're finishing up the last of the candy I made.
    Honestly,I, too, love cake for breakfast. I don't do it often, but that's the way I like to treat myself. Love cake of any kind.
    Thanks for commenting!

  17. Mona--we're all of a kind, almost--I think Paula has a different take.
    I like fruit at lunch--
    Thanks for stopping by.

  18. Paula--you're a rare one, then. My daddy didn't care for sweets much, and wouldn't eat chocolate at all. He'd rather have something salty and crunchy, like Fritoes.
    So you have a Senior's club? That's great--I have two small group--all seniors--who are longtime friends. We love to get together for potluck, and the hostess does the dessert--it's always cake and ice cream.
    Thanks for visiting--I appreciate it.

  19. No question about it! We need treats in our lives!
    I like to have my dessert late in the afternoon with tea or coffee. It makes so much more sense than after dinner when all that food just sits in my stomach like a rock.

  20. Clarissa--now, you're talking. That's when I really prefer something sweet, too--in the afternoon, my let-down time of the day. In the warmer months, I'd like to go to the Yogurt shop or even Dairy Queen--or McDonald's--to get some kind of ice cream.
    When we're on road trips, our eating pattern gets all messed up. But one thing I insist on is an mid-afternoon break of driving, and having ice cream somewhere. Now my husband is into that, too, so that he suggests is more than I do now.
    Thanks for visiting!

  21. Celia, I rarely eat dessert at all anymore. I've cut back on sugar enough that usually I don't even want it. But.. when I want it, I let myself spurge because in general, I've done my work first (in the form of eating right most of the time and exercising regularly). It does feel like a real splurge when it's out of the ordinary and YES, we should do that! Actually, it's better for a diet to splurge now and then because it boosts your metabolism again.

    I'm quite sure the same principle applies to the rest of life. Work hard and when you have earned your play time, play well, even it if does come before work every now and then! :-)

  22. LK--you have understood the underlying message of this post--if you've worked hard, then play well, even if it comes before more working. Yes, that's it for sure.
    Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment.

  23. I'm not a big fan of rigid rules and control freak thought processes. Dessert, first, middle or last is up to the individual and what they need iin that moment. The same goes for other foods. I love green olives. Sometimes I just have to dip into the jar and eat a few for no particular reason except I want some.
    We have lives to live and adventures to have, why restrict every little thing with a rule someone else tought of.
    Sometimes my sister and I just drop into a coffee shop and have some coffee and a sweet treat just because.
    Loved your blog.