Saturday, August 25, 2012


(Please excuse the x-rated attire, but
it was August)
The year of my birthday on August 25:
1st night bombing (British) of Germany (Berlin)
1st parachute wedding
Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia incorporated into the Soviet Union

Quirky Event
The First Parachute Wedding
I share a birthday with:
Regis Philbin-talk show host
Tom Skeritt-actor
Sean Connery-actor
Billy Ray Cyrus-country western singer
Monty Hall-tv personality
Tim Burton-film maker
Blair Underwood-actor
Rachel Ray--cooking show host
Claudia Schiffer-model
Most Popular Movies
Disney's animated film Pinocchio is released together with Fantasia
The Great Dictator, starring Charlie Chaplin
City for Conquest
The Philadelphia Story
The Grapes of Wrath

Popular Music
Careless, by Glenn Miller
I'll Never Smile Again, by Tommy Dorsey with Frank Sinatra
In the Mood, by Glenn Miller
Pennsylvania 6-5000, by Glenn Miller
Only Forever, by Bing Crosby

Best Selling Novels:

How Green Was My Valley by Richard Llewelly


  1. How cool to do a search of what happened on your birthday, Celia!

    Great post!

  2. Interesting post.

    And...Happy Birthday!!

  3. Happy Birthday, Celia. Enjoy your own chocolate cake.

  4. Sean Connery? Are you kidding me? I don't share my birthday with anyone famous...except Jackie O. You've got a slew of people with your day, and Sean's only ONE of them???? Lucky girl! Loved this post--That picture of you with your cake just touches my heart every time I see it. So sweet, Celia. I hope you have a wonderful birthday today!
    Much love and hugs,

  5. Happy Birthday Celia. You are still as pretty as in the picture. Getting better every day.

  6. Happy Birthday, Celia! A great day, indeed--and a fascinating post!

  7. Celia, let me wish you a happy birthday again. You have certainly lived a full and interesting life so far and accomplished much. You have not wasted your God-given talents and I know many people besides myself feel blessed to have you for a friend. Linda

  8. Happy Birthday, cousin Celia. ☺ Hope your day is filled with pampering and the best year ever follows!

  9. Happy birthday and suck a cute picture!

  10. Happy Birthday, Celia - sorry I missed 'your' day yesterday! You certainly share it with a lot of interesting people, and what an amazing collection of best selling novels at that time!

  11. Happy Birthday, Celia! What a fun post. Thanks for the memories :)

  12. Hope you had a lovely birthday, Celia. You share it also with my No.2 son, his 50th.

    I must try my date sometime. I only know one other sharer - the bad and romantic poet, Lord Byron. It's also the day Queen Victoria died.

    P.S. Just to be nit-picky, but I'm sure you don't like typos to appear on your blog, you left the 'n' off the name of Richard Llewellyn, author of How Green Was My Valley.

  13. Happy Birthday yesterday, Celia. sorry I showed up late for the party. I love all the factoids from your birthday year. I hope you celebrated your day in fine style.

  14. Thank you all for visiting my birthday blog.
    I love all kinds of lists, and so what happened when I was born--perfect.
    Yes, Sean Connery! And he's all mine.
    Ahh, thank you, Mona. Trust me...not so pretty now. But I'm trying to age gracefully.
    Thanks, Cousin Caroline.
    Linda-your are always so kind and thank you for being such a good friend..what would I do without you?
    Paula--I thought the novel list, too, was quite intriguing.
    Yikes! Monya! I can't believe I left the "n" off--I knew how to spell his name. I get in a rush, you know.
    Sarah--late is good. It's the thought that counts, and thank you very much.

  15. Happy Birthday, Sweetie. Sorry I'm late. xxxx

  16. Celia, BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Sean Connery, eh? One of my fave handsome actors.

  17. Awesome blog post written by an awesome friend and author! Love ya and Happy Belated Birthday - hope this year is full of joy and many blessings. I loved your picture with your birthday cake and thanks for sharing all the fascinating things that happened on your special day!

  18. I'm really late to the party but I brought tequila, lemons, and salt, so we can still party hearty. :) Hope you had a wonderful birthday week!