Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bang-Up Specials! Celebrate!

I offer you two 99Cent Specials to help you celebrate!
Kat and the U.S. Marshal is the Fourth and final Dime Novel. It's now LIVE ! and ready to go on Amazon, Smashwords, and Monkeybars (a new buy site).

The second is a 99cent Special of a contemporary romance set in Texas (regular $6.99)--Crystal Lake Reunion. Please take advantage of this short term bargain price. (I asked my publisher to do this for the holiday, and he so very generously complied--Whiskey Creek Press.)
"One night in a barn on a cold December night was not enough for Diego Montoya. Will Kat Garrison welcome him with open arms as she did that night?"

U. S. Marshal Diego Montoya rides into Old San Antonio on an assignment to track down and arrest a swindler and killer. That's his job. But his first goal is to visit beautiful Katherine Garrison, the woman he loves, to learn if she will welcome him.

Kat Garrison answers the door, thinking her gentleman friend has arrived early. When she sees Diego Montoya instead, she can't believe he's standing on her front step. All she can think of was the encounter in the barn that cold December night, while her brother and new bride occupied the house.

While carrying out his mission, Diego becomes involved with Kat. But can a beautiful society lady really love a homeless rough lawman enough to take a chance on a life together?
Marshal Montoya always gets his man, but can he capture Kat's heart?
NOW AVAILABLE: 99 cent Dime Novel:




Crystal Lake Reunion-a contemporary romance novel set in Texas. Deception, anger, jealously, and love--the death of an infant begins it all.
~*~The book is also now available in print from the WCP website or Amazon.~*~  
SPECIAL FOR A SHORT TIME: 99CENTS on Amazon (reduced from $6.99.) Get this novel while the special lasts--99cents for a full-length ebook novel.

Prologue and part of 1st chapter:


Barnes and Noble Nook Book:

Am I interrupting something, Dana?” he asked softly.

Nervously, she looked over her shoulder toward the foot of the bed he could barely see. That’s when his eyes locked on the beat-up, leather duffel bag on the floor. Dana swallowed hard as she slowly looked back at Grant.

“Is someone in your bed, Dana?” he asked calmly.

“Grant,” she whispered. “Could we talk later? I’ll explain everything.”

“Is Brian in your bed, Dana?” he asked again, this time coldly.

His laughing eyes had dimmed, and the deep dimple in one cheek did not appear, and his smiling mouth turned grim. She had never seen him this way, and the bottom seemed to drop from her stomach. Disaster loomed, a heart-breaking scenario that scared her to death. “Please let me explain later, please,” she heard herself plead.

“Dana, I think we can clear this up right now. Seems to me you’ve made your choice. Well, this is the way it is. I love you, Dana,” he said softly. “I fell in love with you early on, and I fell hard. I was giving you time to sort out your life, but now…this. You’ve dropped a bombshell on my head.” His voice dropped to a whisper, but the sound was like a drum banging in her head.

“I will not take second place, I will not take leftovers, and I will not stand in line.” 
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  1. What a lovely offer, thank you. Have a wonderful holiday.

  2. I really like your tag: Bang-Up Specials! That's so eye-catching.

    I know folks should be rushing out to get these books at that 99 cent rate.

    Having just finished Crystal Lake Reunion, I can highly recommend it!

  3. Happy 4th of July. Thanks for the great offer.