Sunday, July 1, 2012

Do You Need a Few Bits of Wisdom to Improve Your Writing Life?

July 1. First day of the month. Sixty days remaining in this long, hot summer.

So, let's take a few moments and review how we spend our days.

Forget the laundry, don't think about cleaning the bathrooms, avoid cooking if possible, and let someone else mow your lawn. Take a dip in the pool.

Take care of yourself only. You come FIRST.

So, here are a few bits of wisdom I gathered from today's horoscope to make your writing life better.

1. Suggest a cut-off date for the project you're working on, or it may take over your life indefinitely.

~*~I have a WIP that's going on two years old now, and it's about one-third complete. Although I like the characters and the time period, the plot fizzled long ago. Still, I pull it out, study it, waste two hours on it, and shut it down once again. Today--I'm moving it to Archives.

2. Your easy social manner is legendary. Be careful not to talk too much, though, wasting precious time.
~*~Stay off FB all day. Use some of the extra time to write a blog or do that dreaded editing. But I'm not giving up Tuesday mornings at Mochas and Javas with The Write Girls.
3.  You may feel like you're drifting from your joy. Think what you've done in your life, what you do well, and what you are passionate about.

~*~Okay. Review your most important goals, choose one, and sharpen your focus to get back on track. That's easy to say...

4.  There's something to be gained from winning back what was lost.

~*~What have I lost? Maybe my enthusiasm. Not all of it, but enough to make me drag my feet and procrastinate. Walk away from your writing for a while--play with a grandbaby, go to a romantic movie, splurge on a new bag. I'm  fairly certain the last item will do the trick.

5.  You'll be exposed to new ideas. Learning is a process.
~*~ It's amazing that a horoscope is telling us this. Didn't Socrates say it first? But all right, I'll try to learn something new today.

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  1. What a great horoscope, Celia! Thikn I need one like this! Wonder what the hrooscope for Leo is?

  2. Paula--this was several horoscopes for July 1. I just picked and chose--they all sounded a bit alike, if you ask me. And all sounded like they could fit an author.

  3. Celia, staying off social media would help my writing tremendously. Nice post. Love the photo os you and your friends.

  4. Hi Celia, YOU have not lost your enthusiasm, but you need --and you too, Mona-- to allow yourself to enjoy life. LIFE is not ALL about writing, editing, publishing, promoting. Hmmm I'm quoting my DH here. It's also about chatting with friends on the phone--I have 5friends to call-- having a drink with DH, playing and laughing with the grandchildren, swimming in the ocean,reading good books,...

  5. I did the movie one Friday with my youngest dd and my niece. Highly recommend Magic Mike! ;) Thanks for the tips Celia.

  6. Celia, it's the record-breaking heat. My brain is fried. When it's cooler in FL than KY, it's time to reconsider a few things. Good tips. Now to focus on one and follow it.

  7. I love those ideas, Celia. Not sure I'd be very good at keeping to some of them, though.

  8. Celia, stay off FB for a day? Ack... the thought.... LOL!! Great tips for finding time to write. :) Staying off of social media is a challenge right now, but I'll work on it.


  9. I really need to stay off the net and write!!!!