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Western Romance Blog Hop! Join the Fun!

First Annual Western Roundup Giveaway Hop

July 20th - 26th
 Featuring books with cowboys!
Cowboys are sexy and deserve a hop of their own. The western genre has exploded beyond old west and romance to include werewolves, wizards and other magical beings. Want to meet a charming cowboy or tough as nails cowgirl? Want to know what magic has to do with the old west? Want an old-fashioned historical western romance? Well then, hop on and enjoy the ride!
Hello, from Texas! I'm Celia Yeary, and I write everything Texas. Small towns, cities, the Old West, Contemporary...everything set in the Lone Star State..and about Texans.
Today I offer four 99Cent Dime Novels--all around 80-100 pages--each with a hero and heroine that have a love story to tell. Addie and the Gunslinger was on the Top 100 Best Western Romances for months, and the others came close. Kat and the U.S. Marshal is the newest release, and it's doing well...I hope soon, as well as Addie!
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I will choose FOUR winners--okay, I let my dear husband do this--and each of you will have your choice. Enjoy the Blog Hop! And good luck on winning lots of books!
Have fun!
"One night in a barn on a cold December night was not enough for Diego Montoya. Will Kat Garrison welcome him with open arms as she did that night?

As they danced, Diego brought her body flush with his, and he kept his right hand just below her waist. He pressed her closer, too, much more than was proper. Slightly dazed, she could barely think.
She whispered. "Diego, move your hand to my back, above my waist."
Whispering back, he said, "No."
"Yes. Do as I say. People will talk."
His voice rumbled low and deep. "I like it where it is."
99Cent Dime Novel
Ex-gunslinger Jude Morgan lands in jail in a far-flung West Texas town. On the fourth day in his cell, the sheriff arrives with a beautiful woman dressed in men’s pants and toting her own six-shooter. Adriana Jones claims he is her worthless husband who married her but never came home.
The young woman makes a bargain with Jude in front of the sheriff. Jude is to come home where he belongs, and she will have him released. When they’re alone, she explains his job is to pose as her husband to thwart the marriage advances of her neighbor, wealthy rancher Horace Caruthers. The older man wants her ranch to join his, because the Pecos River runs through her property.
To seal the bargain, Jude wants a kiss. During the next few weeks, however, Jude and Addie learn that the kiss meant more than they meant it to be. Then, Addie's life is in danger. Will Jude rescue his Addie? Or will Addie save herself and her gunslinger?
Mini- Excerpt:
"Ever been kissed, Miss Jones?" Wanting to loosen her up, he tried teasing, but it didn't seem to work.
Her voice trembled a little. "That is none of your business. I don't intend our relationship to be at all personal. You just come and go, do your job, and pay no attention to me."
Chuckling under his breath, he thought, like hell.
Before she kicked her horse into a gallop, she lifted her chin and said, "You need a bath, Mr. Morgan."
"Addie. It's Jude."
"Jude. You need a bath."
99 Dime Novel


While driving home in her buggy, Charlotte Dewhurst discovers a man lying by the road. William Montgomery, an attorney, was passing through the area when accosted by two hoodlums. The resulting court case keeps Will in town. His attitudes confuse Charlotte as he seeks her company, yet proclaims he will soon be moving on. But Will may be the most confused one of all.
“Hi,” he said, as he came to her. “I hear the violin and guitars tuning up.”
She couldn’t help but laugh. “Fiddles, Will. The instrument might look like a violin, and perhaps sound like one if played in such a manner, but here? They’re fiddles. Plain and country, but wait till you hear them play.”
He chuckled. “My mistake. Only one of many since I’ve arrived in Trinity Hill. I’ll get the hang of these western ways yet.”
But probably not here, Will. You’ll be leaving soon. Remember?
99 Cent Dime Novel
When U.S. Marshal Max Garrison enters the bookshop and meets lovely Daniella Sommers, his life changes. Knowing he’s met the woman of his dreams, all he has to do is convince her to marry him and move to his ranch.
Daniella has been different her entire life, with her dusky skin and black hair. Her English parents, though, convinced her she was theirs. When Max Garrison enters her lonely world, she learns that love is all that matters.
“Dani, let me set you straight, here. I left law enforcement to come home, settle down, and raise a family. To do that, well, dang it, I need a wife. Now, to tell the God’s truth, I didn’t come
to town today thinking I’d find a wife on the street, waiting for me to swoop her up and propose. That’s exactly what happened, though. You. I met you and I’ll tell you right here and now, I want to marry you.”

A tiny laugh escaped Daniella’s throat. She covered her mouth with her hand and looked directly up at him. Shaking her head and lowering her hand, she said, “Mr. Garrison. That’s absurd. Absolutely…” She paused when she interpreted the look in his eyes and on his face.
Anger. She’d made him mad. He stood there clenching his jaw, with thinned lips pressed together and narrowed eyes, blue eyes, usually the color of bluebonnets or a summer Texas sky, but now cold and dark. He was gorgeous, and oh, how she wanted to throw her arms around his neck and kiss his mouth.
Max spoke, low and slow. “I do apologize, Miss Sommers. My manners and common sense must have gone out the window. It's from all those years alone on the trail, hunting some outlaw not worth spit, dealing and mingling with the scum of the earth. My brain has turned to mush with all that thinking and planning and wishing about a pretty wife, one who was smart and good, and who might see me for something more than a worn-out lawman.”

His statement struck her heart with regret. “Oh, no, you’re not…”
“Shhh, Dani.” His face relaxed, as did his taut body, and he rubbed his knuckles down her left cheek. “Don’t. You’ve done nothing wrong. I should have waited.”
He straightened, standing tall, straight, and smiled gently. “Miss Sommers, I retract that marriage proposal, for now. So, let me begin again. Will you do me the honor of having supper with me tonight at the café? And ma’am, I damn sure won’t take no for an answer.”
99 Cent Dime Novel
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